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Narnia is Real for Poet's Place
Sam Adams
Often thought about other worlds
He traveled at night
In his dreams
To other realms,

One of his favorite mythical world
Was Narnia
Sam was convinced
That Narnia existed
As did Oz and wonderland
And other mythical worlds,

Nightly he would join
His friends in Narnia
Oz and elsewhere.

Hoping that when he awoke
He would find himself
In Narnia for good.

One day he went for a walk
In Tilden park
High up in the Berkeley hills

Where he came upon a portal
A doorway to other worlds
Floating in the air

There was a sign attached
Welcome Pilgrim
To the world of your dreams
Narnia is calling you home
Entry is for man men only.

Sam Adams jumped
And was never found again.

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