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Sam Adams Wakes Up In Limbo
Sam Adams one night went drinking at his favorite drinking spot, the Cosmos Club in Bangkok, Thailand. He sat down with his buddies, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Johny Walker, Old Grand-Dad, and Evans Williams. And began drinking his way to hell.
Twenty drinks too sober, he gets up to go home, walks out the door, and is run over by a bus.
He wakes up wondering “Where am I?”
He was in a large room filled with people milling around. He saw signs everywhere. ‘Welcome to Limbo. Your judgment day awaits you. Wait your turn. Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid. No one can escape your fate.”

Sometime later a demon comes over and gives him some breakfast – coffee hot as hell, fried eggs, and a burger. The demon hisses,
“Finish your breakfast. Then follow me to your appointment with Mr. GR”
He follows the demon through the crowd and found himself in an office. Mr. GR, the grim reaper wearing a dark zoot suit and cool ray bans barks out,
“Sam Adams”
GR looks up from his computer screen and says,

“hmm found you. You are in luck. You have been given a reprieve. Go back to earth but my advice to you is to quit drinking. That’s how you died last night. You are due back here in five years unless you keep drinking in which case you will be seeing us sooner.”

Sam Adams found himself back home, looked at his sleeping girlfriend, Maria Lee, and told him what had happened. She said,
‘” well Mr. GR is right. The drinking will kill you. But what the hey and pulled out a bottle of Johny Walker and he had a hair of the dog and felt better.

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