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Big Daddy Joins Maria's Vendetta for Daily Flash
Big Daddy was a spy, a spook a cipher, a ghost, a man with many secrets and many names. He worked out of the Cosmos Bar in Bangkok, Thailand. He lived next door in the Cosmos hotel. He owned both the bar and the hotel and ran them with Kuhn Lek, the niece of the chief of Police.

Big Daddy was a big dude, an ex-football player for the University of Arkansas, and Dallas Cowboys. Big Daddy had been an agent for the CIA but was let go after ten years because he killed an enemy of the state in the U.S. and was forced to retire early, but the agency utilized his services from time to time as a contract hire. They overlooked his other business – drug smuggling, money laundering and human trafficking provided that the provide tidbits on intel on his activities and the activities of his associates.

The agency per long standing protocol would send Sam a letter to the Cosmos Bar with details on his latest assignment. He had one week to carry it out. Sometimes it involved “wet work” assassination, other times it involved recruitment of assets.

One day he got the letter along with a camera. The letter instructed him to follow Maria Lee, a rumored paramour of the North Korean president, and the wife of a South Korean tycoon. He was to get incriminating pictures of Miss Lee and a Thai General and then turn her into an asset getting her to provide dirt on her lovers, and her husband.

What he did not bargain with was falling in love with his target. He met her for drinks and was soon engaged in her vendetta against her lovers. She eagerly became an intel asset and gave him quality intel. And plotted to kill Kim Jong-un.
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