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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
Just Do It

I’d never taken a vacation alone before. I had vacations, of course, but I never went somewhere just by myself. I was a bit leery of checking into a hotel alone. Before, there were people with me who knew what to do, my late husband, Fred, friends. But I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to make this trip with me, so it was go alone, or stay home. Niagara Falls was on my bucket list, I was not giving it up when the opportunity presented itself.

The travel was fine, I was pretty travel savvy having always been in charge of our kids, who had to be watched every second when they were little! Made it to the hotel fine, even took a real taxi, and remembered to tip!

As I walked into the hotel I was nervous. I had even booked ahead, so I knew I had a room waiting. I’d just never stayed at a hotel alone before. I’d never paid attention before, always letting the others check in.

A man in a suit greeted me, so I just jumped in feet first, talking as if I‘d done this a hundred times before! A woman with a camera snapped our picture, odd... but like I said, I was never in charge of check in.

Turned out the man was another guest, and a pretty famous guy too. The woman was a reporter, practically stalking him, and he only said hello, it turned out, because I resembled his late grandmother. The next morning we were on the front page of many newspapers, and a couple morning shows had video of us meeting up.

A second marriage was not really on my bucket list, nor on his. But six months later, we seem to have handled it well.
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