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by John
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2272775
An attacked stopped and a missing pupil

Chapter 13 - Surprises


The assailers knew where their next targets were. Three were in Out of Phase and the other three were in their respected dwellings. It would be simple for the four of them to accomplish their goals.

Their leader had instructed them on how to accomplish their goals of the best way to terminate an Elder's existence. They were also trained on how to use their natural knowledge of stealth and camouflage techniques to secretly approach their targets.

As they approached the Out of Phase retreat, they noticed the number of guards had tripled. Instead of standing still, the guards were circling the retreat so that there were no blind spots. There were seven guards and only four of them. If they attacked, an alarm would be raised and their advantage would be gone. Most likely one or more would perish in the attack. Their leader had warned them under no circumstance should any get caught or killed. If one of them were killed, the body must be collected and brought back. Failure was not an option and judgment against them or their families would occur.

They decided to attack the guards causing a diversion. They should be able to cause a distraction in order to gain entrance to the dwelling before having to flee.

As one, they charged the side with the least amount of guards at the time. As they ran, they readied their spears of crystal. They would launch their spears as they drew near, but far enough away where the remaining guards could not attack them.

Once inside the cleaning, they recognized all the guards were there, waiting. As they stopped charging and prepared to throw their spears. multiple colored lights shot out at them. Instantly three were hit and went down, not moving. The fourth threw his spear and it hit the mark squarely in the chest.

It easily should have penetrated the chest. However, when it hit, it simply bounced off. The one remaining assailant turned to flee, only to find four more guards had flanked him. He was trapped. He decided to go in the direction of no guards. As soon as he took a step, he was hit by a colored beam of bright light. He couldn't move. He was trapped in a cone of light. He didn't understand what was happening to him. How could light hold him?

He then felt the impossible. The light was moving up and he was too. He tried to jump down or break the contact, but he could not move.

One of the guards wearing more armor than the rest came up to him and began to speak. "Who sent you? Where are you from? Why are you sending our Elders and guards to the be One with the Planet? Speak or you will end up like your friends!"

The assailant did not know what to do. He was not aware of the reason for the terminations, only he had been commanded to come here and terminate the ones called Elders. According to their leader, he did not know who the Elders were except they were evil.

"Not going to speak? I will probe your mind and will not be gentle in doing so."

This the assailant knew about "probe". His leader had advised them this may happen, but not to worry.

The Captain of the Guard began his probe. He quickly discovered he could not make contact with the criminal. He reached into the mind and found nothing he understood. But that was impossible. Even if barriers were in place, he would have felt them. Here, there was nothing.

"Take him to the reinforced crystal cage. Make sure there are guards completely surrounding it. Make sure there are no further weapons with him."

The Captain of the Guard immediately went to contact the Elders regarding the strange creature. "Elder Tem, we have news of an attack. Please open a connection to the other Elders so I can provide my report. Is the Supreme High One still in contact with everyone?"

"Yes, Captain, I am here. What news do you have? Was anyone terminated?" asked the Supreme High One. "All the Elders are listening. Please continue."

"We surprised the attackers just as they were going to attack an Out of Phase retreat. There were four of them that attacked as one. We surprised them and terminated three of them. The fourth attempted to terminate a guard with a spear-like object; however, the spear was easily deflected by the new armor. We will compare the weapon to the others we have found. We attempted to interrogate the criminal, but he is not talking. I then attempted to read its thoughts only to discover they are foreign and indecipherable. I am aware that is impossible. We have the prisoner safely detained awaiting your interrogation." reported the Captain.

"I have already attempted to look into its mind only to discover it is unreadable, as you stated. I will need to gather more essence and open a window into the Collective," advised the Supreme High One. "Once there, I should have enough essence to remove any mental barriers and discover who is responsible for the Elders' and guards' deaths."



"What do you mean, 'My powers have changed'?" questioned Jaz. "Wouldn't I have noticed if they did?"

"Only if you were not prepared. Speaking of being prepared, I have a very short ballad of a tragic loss between two joined companions."

"The time for goodbyes has not yet arrived, there are a few moments yet for memories. I see your face all smiles with cheer; what lies below is sadness and fear. The time for goodbye is far from now.

We face each day as forever, knowing what is in the future. We each say we are doing well, but each knows the other one lies. I have been your Knight, you my Everything. Thank you for seeing into my Soul. The time for goodbye is not yet here.

Before time passes, I wanted to say Thank You. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for picking me to be your joy. Thank you for giving me someone to love, honor, and cherish. Thank you for being my love. The time for goodbyes will soon be upon us.

Too soon time went away and finds our parting. One to carry on with an emptiness in their Soul, the other to watch and wait. The time for goodbye is here.

Our final goodbye will bring tears, emptiness, and grief. You go one way and I another. I know we will meet again to fill the holes in our Essence. Then time for goodbye will never be heard."

"That was terribly sad," began Jaz, "I felt the loneliness of what was happening. I was by myself before I met you. From you, I was introduced to the Collective. I now have many Hydranousians who I consider friends. What did it mean, 'I know we will meet again? Is it referring to being One with the Planet? How can a Hydranousian meet someone when they are One with the Planet?" asked Jaz.

"There are some Hydranousians who believe after becoming One with the Planet, their essence lives on. They can not become one with the Collective, because they no longer need the Collective as they are one with the Essence. They have passed into a different reality. Once there, they will remain until their companion arrives, and then they will be together for all of eternity."

"Do you believe that? What if you do not believe in this? Does your essence just cease to be?"

"What I believe is for me to decide. That, Young One, is for you to decide on your own. Do not judge others because your beliefs or knowledge is different from theirs. They have a right to their own beliefs and opinions."

"Let us continue with discussing your true powers and potential. As I stated, your powers have changed due to the fact you are becoming more in tune with the Collective, which increases your mental powers, and helps sustain you. With this ability, you are becoming more powerful with your essence, quicker to contact the Collective, and creating stronger barriers.

"Haven't I been doing this all along with my training?"

"Good question. You have been developing your knowledge and ability to contact your essence and the Collective. Now, however, because of your accepting your true potential, your journey will hasten. Many Young Ones either never realize their true potential or, if they do realize their true potential, do not accept it, and become lost in their own desire to be someone they are not. This is what happened to Eternity."

"That was another sad story. I felt bad for her at first because of her not wanting to finish her training, thinking she did not need it. If she would have finished it, and her tutor would have been more diligent, her story would have had a better ending. In the end, because she was misguided, she created her own destiny."

"It is true. It was indeed a sad tale. One that I have made sure is not repeated."

"Do you ever wonder what happened to her in the North Quadrant? The hostile environment surely was too harsh for her. Or maybe she did not go there when commanded. Are you certain she went? She could have gone anywhere."

"No, she is there. The Elders and I opened the Collective to rapidly increase our essence and, using all of our mental abilities, transported her there. She could not have deflected our collective Wills as her own was dampened to the point of nonexistence. She is not alone there. We have had the misfortune of sending others there to live out their lives. Maybe they met, maybe not. The North Quadrant is a vast place. There are dangerous beasts where the environment has devastating effects with prolonged exposure without shelter."

"Enough talk of that place and who was sent there. That is not the point of today's lecture. As I stated, your powers have changed and will continue to change as long as you are open to the essence and Collective. I am still experiencing changes in my abilities. If you are of an open mind, your changes could possibly continue to grow. When I was a young one, I knew my path clearly. Oh, not because of my color, but because I was very open to my essence and Collective. I let them guide me forward. I was in a constant flux of becoming the Supreme High One, even though I did not know where the changes were leading me. As an older Young One, I had the abilities of an Elder but did not feel I was done yet growing. By the time I entered adulthood, I knew instinctively I would be the Supreme High One. If I would have stopped myself from growing, the Elders would use me as their puppet."

"Wow, you have been through a lot, haven't you? Were all your endeavors successful? I bet they were or you wouldn't have become the Supreme High One," stated Jaz.

"No, I had many failures. But that didn't stop me for I learned from my mistakes so I would not repeat them. I became more patient with myself: not being too rash to join in or making too quick of judgments when I was conflicted with thoughts."

"You had failures? Didn't the Elders or others hold them against you?"

"They tried. However, because I was very comfortable with my learning process and became more intuned with my inner self, they could not break me. I am about the greater good of our society and the individuals therein. Some Elders and Hydranousians are concerned about what they can get for nothing or, in the case of the Elders, how they can manipulate others to do their will."

"Why don't you eliminate those Elders if you know what they are doing?"

"I can keep track of them where they are. Some of the Elders were placed there because they were honorable and just. Others were placed so I would have easy access to their thoughts and actions. Remember the story of Elder Scrbeaul? That was a true encounter with one of my past Elders. I knew of his ways prior to becoming an Elder. I placed him there because of his abusive nature. As the story stated, something had happened to him in his early life to shape him the way he was."

"If I may ask, what could have possibly been so bad it turned him into a cruel person?"

"Knowledge is the way to enlightenment, Young One. Never forget that."

"Before Scrbeaul became an Elder, he was a local High One. Someone who simply used for advice. He did not possess any elevated powers, though he thought he should. He felt forced into the role and resented all contact with others, especially those who were joined. Before that, he had attempted many professions, all of which he resented because he thought it was beneath him. When he was a Young One, he was small, smaller than the other Young Ones. He felt he was constantly picked on or abused. In reality, it was only his perception of what occurred. However, his beliefs were his reality. He had a very good tutor except she failed to help him overcome his faulty perceptions."

"So because of his perceptions of himself, he became a resentful Elder?"

"Not quite. His path toward his future began right before he became an adult. While being tutored, he was attracted to a female pupil, Mellainy, a neighboring Old One who had been tutoring. Scrbeaul felt he was destined to become Mellainys companion to the point he obsessed about her constantly. His final studies suffered dramatically. His tutor realized this but felt certain he was ready to merge into adulthood regardless of not completing his full tutelage."

"Meanwhile, the young female pupil was ahead of track for her transition to being an adult. Her tutor had seen her develop into a bright, confident, and focused Young One. She had made plans on what she wanted to accomplish with her final goal of being a tutor herself. She knew of Scrbeaul and his infatuation with her. She did not share the same feelings. He was not interested in becoming greater than himself for he thought he was already above others."

"The day before their final session with their tutors, Scrbeaul approached Mellainy with the intent of becoming companions. He was sure it would happen because he felt superior to Mellainy. Why wouldn't she want to be his companion? When he first approached her, he claimed they were destined to be together. Mellainy advised him that her plans did not include a companion in this part of her development. He did not listen to her and pushed his opinion onto her. She again refused, advising him she did not share the same thoughts."

"Why did he keep pushing her when she was not interested in him?" questioned Jaz.

"Because he only cared about his own feelings and interests. He was not listening to what Mellainy was telling him nor was he interested in her wants."

"What did she do?"

"When he couldn't get her to agree to be a companion, he decided to try and influence her mind. He blatantly reached out into her mind and began looking for ways to make her agree with him, even if that meant planting thoughts."

"She was ready for just that attack. Her tutor showed her how to repel intruders. She had placed her barriers and focused on his mind while he was busy with hers. She was taught to send a shock wave type of attack. This disabled their use of the Collective for a short while and caused physical pain. She didn't want to use this, but he gave her no choice. She released the wave."

The effect was swift and painful. Scrbeaul was brought to his knees hold his head and cried out loud. He has never received a rebuke before. He was defenseless to even stop it because he didn't know what it was as his tutor did not teach him this".

Mellainy then stated out loud, "This is what will happen if you ever touch my mind uninvited. I would never become your companion. You have made me loathe the sight site of you and your touch is repulsive. You will never find anyone who will want you as a companion. You are selfish, rude, self-centered, and unworthy of anything good. You will tarnish all you come in contact with."

Mellainy promptly left him in pain, unable to contact the Collective, and speechless.

"It appears he got what he deserved. Wait, is this the person in the story you told me about the Elder who broke his foot? Is this what the Healer saw?"

"The same. He became even more bitter at the rejection and her words. Even though it was an unconscious decision, he became what he was. He, too, loathed himself to the point he had to treat everyone with disrespect and contempt because that is all he knew. Yes, the Healer saw this and felt pity he had never known true happiness."

"I don't know if I feel sorry for him or pity for the way he was. Is he still an Elder?" Jaz asked.

"No, sadly, he was so miserable he fell into deep depression and self terminated. He is now One with the Planet."

"I didn't know that. I guess I do feel sorry for him."

"Enough of this talk. Let us continue our journey. We will soon be there."



After fortifying his connection with the Collective and narrowing his concentration, the Supreme High One began to probe the mind of the assailant. He surmised there would be nothing at first, searching diligently until he found a very well hidden path to his sentience. Using his available essence, he increased his barriers as much as possible and began his search. What he found nearly broke his concentration.

He discovered images of a city where strange, but familiar creatures lived. At first, he did not know why they were familiar. He probed more to see if he could locate the background information of the creature. He discovered an organized and intelligent species. They had their own language, government, and culture. He also saw they were the dominant species in their territory with hunters, gatherers, and warriors. They had an advanced language system to communicate even over long distances. He didn't recognize the dialect, but was certain he had heard something like it before. Their relationships with Young Ones were foreign to him.

As he probed, he again sensed something familiar, but it was buried even further into their consciousness. He would investigate that later. He began to search why they were attacking the Elders. As he searched, he kept noticing something vaguely familiar about this species.

` He then remembered. He went to his guarded information and, after a bit, came across what he feared. These were the Natas he discovered cycles ago. He was responsible for the Natas' current evolved state. When he decided the Natas needed a boost toward being closer to true sentient beings, he began their evolution process. He did not think this would have happened for hundreds or thousands of cycles. indirectly, he was responsible for the deaths of the Elders and guards.



When they arrived at the Old One's cave, he saw the vines were denser than he remembered and the pool of liquid eternite's depth had increased. They approached the opening behind the falling liquid eternite to enter the cave. It was as he left it.

Jaz was excited to be at their destination and immediately went into the pool of liquid eternite to replenish her essence. The Old One soon joined her. Neither spoke as they were monitoring their essence.

The Old One took this opportunity to assess Jaz's journey to becoming an Adult. He remembered when he found her. She was scared, lonely, and afraid. Now, she has made friends along her journey, is confident in herself and her powers, and is eager to continue learning. She has even surpassed the Old One's expectations. She will make an excellent Elder in a few years, even though she lacks the age.

"Old One, why are you smiling? Did you think of something humorous?"

"I was thinking of your progress so far. You have come a long way from being the shy and inexperienced Young One I found."

"I owe it to your teachings and my experiences with you."

"No, I only opened the doorway for you. You did all the work and took advantage of the opportunities when they appeared. I look forward to watching you complete the journey."

"How much longer will that be? I am eager to explore the planet and my inner self," she then thought for a moment before beginning again, "I wish to see the people with my own eyes. Experience all the new and exciting possibilities my life has to offer. I want to be a positive force."

"Well said. Soon I will be entering into meditation and exploring. I will be unavailable during that time and my attention will be elsewhere. Do not attempt to contact me because my barriers will be at their peak and my defenses will react to all disturbances. If it is a dire emergency, send a message, but do not follow it. Once I sense the message, I will attempt to respond. Do you have any questions?"

"Is where you are going dangerous? Do you need me to provide essence to assist you?"

"No. Doing so could endanger you as well. I will be fine. This is not new to me." With that, he sat back and began the process of contacting the Collective and building his barriers. Once completed, he began to stretch his essence out to the Emptiness, the Place of Quiet. Because he has done this several times, he knew what to expect and when to halt. He began expanding his essence to the place the color of One with the Planet.

He immediately located what he had been searching for. The place with the impossible hole. As he looked, he began to slowly extend his awareness toward the hole, stopping frequently to see if the hole would react to his presence. When he was at his usual stopping place, he noticed the hole was smaller to the point it was only half the size it was previously. He decided he would take a closer look. He began once again to extend his awareness further than it had been. When he stopped, he saw there were more dots. He guessed he was seeing more because the hole was shrinking. However, there were no dots directly on the rim of the hole. He still wondered why.

As he stared at the hole, he began to notice the hole getting smaller and smaller. He was fascinated by this occurrence. The shrinkage ceased after losing half its mass.

He then felt a familiar but highly disturbing wave hit him.

The Old One immediately withdrew his essence and awareness from the Emptiness, the Place of Quiet. He became aware of his surroundings and then returned to awareness. He looked around to see if anything had changed. The cave was the same, no dust or debris was noticed, the vines were still there as well as the liquid eternite. All was as he left it. As he got out, he suddenly remember the Young One.

Jaz was not here.

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