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For m country

There is not much that we remember, but the stories are many
Loud and clear from all angles
The days were not all milk and honey
They were “innocent” enough for thee us to want to belong
At least a number
Everyone and everything screamed
“For My Country”
So they said.................. the stories in history

Oh, motherland,
Are you still somewhere there?
Everything is so “quiet” around you
Are we wrong to say that we miss You sometimes?

Yes, we miss You
You who valued your children more than gold or silver
We came before, and you stood beside our dreams
At least we used what we had
Our hands were never raised in worship for some cheap change
We were men of value
Oh, how we miss the proud You

History! Can we rewind? Just enough to find our Mother
She who exists only on pages hidden
The selfless and generous atmosphere she provided
She felt at home
At least history repeats it
How guilty were those days, and how can today get any more “innocent”?
I think we don’t know
A true and selfless path shall lead us home.
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