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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

“What happened? Did you see it?”

“No, but I saw the hole thing!”

“Ahhh... if you saw the whole thing how come you don’t know what happened?”

“I didn’t see what happened, I just saw the hole thing. It was really cool!.”

“What was cool?”

“The hole thing.”

“I thought you said you didn’t see it happen...”

“I didn’t. I just saw the hole thing.”

“Like, from beginning to end?”

“No, more like from top to bottom... I guess...”

“Top to bottom? Is that some new slang?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m trying to find out how that giant hole got in that vacant lot. You said “I saw the whole thing,” but then you say you don’t know what happened. How could you see the whole thing and not know what happened?”

“I was talking about the drill thingy machine that was being hauled off just when I got here. I saw them load it on their truck. It was really cool.”

“A drill thingy machine... and you think that was what made the hole...”

“Well, don’t you? It looks like a hole that was dug by some machine. People with shovels couldn’t make it so round and perfect, right? I wish I’d seen it happen!”

“So, you didn’t actually see it.”

“Right, but I did see the hole thing! Maybe they’ll come back and do some more digging!”

“Right. Well, I’m going home.”

“What if they come back, don’t you want to watch? Maybe they’ll bring back the hole thing and we can watch it making another hole.”

“Right, call me if the hole thing shows up again, I’ll be trying to get rid of the instant headache I just got from this conversation.”

“Ok. See ya!”

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