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When there’s no one else to talk to, there’s always the moon. Incomplete.
Author’s Note: The rights to How to Train Your Dragon remain with Cressida Cowell and Dreamworks. Only the plot and original characters are mine.

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The moon had risen, barely, and Stoick looked around. He was alone, with no one to overhear.

The allied tribes were arriving tomorrow, and Stoick had to escort and entertain the other heirs, including Oswald.

Stoick despised Oswald. Four years older than Stoick, the Berserk isle’s heir was a cruel boy who delighted in hurting him and everyone around him. Stoick did what he could, distracting Oswald and putting extra effort into pleasing him. His-Papa-the-Chief commissioned items from the tradesmen and their house helper made additional purchases. Stoick and his siblings labored for these same men and women.

The shops in the plaza had limited wares on display today. Everyone knew about Oswald. He’d taken to tormenting Berk’s children, and Stoick needed to find other ways to appease him this time.

This year would be especially difficult. His sister Brenna would be twelve in a few months, and Oswald liked the look of her.

Oswald was a festering, pox-ridden villian, not worthy to step foot on Stoick’s island touch his sister

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