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A Letter To A Friend
At the time of dusk, a young girl sat on the edge of her bed and poured her heart out into these typed words, dedicated to a special someone.
T, you're my light when all I feel is darkness. You're my safety net when I fall from the stormy sky. You're my comfort when I feel anything but happiness. You make my laugh with your incredible wit and slight charm. You also make my frown with your tall, brick walls that you lock with a key that separates you and I from pure honesty.
You think I'm worth every conversation, tear, smile, laugh and moment...because you love me but I love you not. My being in your presence is worth more to you than my requited love but I know it hurts you more to not have me see you as more than a friend. And more of a soulmate.
We've been apart for 3 years now and I continue to long for the day I reunite with you. Outside the boundaries of our homes and the text messages we use a shield from the looks in our eyes and the words in our hearts.
I may not love you as I know you want me to but I see more to us than love. We are young, kindred spirits that are bonded to each other by something bigger than ourselves and we may not know it but instead, we feel it.
I hope you find this one day and see the truth in my words.
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