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Narnia Calls for Writing com
Narnia Calls

Sam Adams inherited an old, haunted house
In Eagle Creek, Oregon.
It was his uncle’s old house
Who died under mysterious circumstances.
Leaving the house to his only surviving family member.

He is going through the house
Noting the contents
Thinking of how he would redecorate
As he had decided to move back home.

He and his wife see an old painting
Of a sailing ship
And take it down.

Then they notice an inscription
Narnia Lives
And a reference to Prince Caspian.

Sam Adams smiles
The Narnia series
Were his favorite childhood stories

He puts the painting back
And notices the painting had come alive
The boat was sailing in the waves
And he and his wife were drawn in

They were swimming in the ocean
The ship came to a halt
And they were pulled onto the boat

Finding themselves
Back in Narnia
Addressing Prince Caspian
And his Narnia court

Sam Adams and Maria Lee
Were never found again
For Narnia had called them.

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