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by Emma
Rated: E · Short Story · Mystery · #2272841
Chelsey and her friends discover something hidden behind a painting while redecorating.
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549 words

"Wait, wait, wait. Say it again. What did he say?"

I feel a smile creep up my lips as I hear Amy ask me for about the thousandth time. Usually it would bother me, but I don't really mind right now. Especially since she's talking about Bryson.

"Well, I was curling my hair, getting ready for the dance and then my phone buzzed," I told her again, reaching down to get some more paint. Amy had forced me and Lisa, who was painting quietly in the corner, to come help her redecorate her apartment. The pink paint that she wanted her walls to be colored was already covered all over Amy and I.

Amy shifted her weight to one side of her foot and frowned. "Chelsey, you can't just leave me on that note! What happened?" Amy pressed me for more answers. She was never satisfied until she got the full story, sometimes not even then.

I sighed and continued, "I looked at my phone and I had a text from him. The text asked me if I wanted to go to the dance with him. I said yes," I said simply, shrugging. There really wasn't any more to it - after the dance we hung out some more, and he eventually asked me if I wanted to start dating him. Of course, since he has been my crush for several years now, I had to say yes. The dimpled smile he gave me afterward had been all worth it.

"I knew you two would be perfect together," Amy said dreamily. I gave a light laugh.

"You wanna know something funny?" Amy asked me and Lisa, painting a strip of pink onto the wall. "Bryson was actually the one that I bought this apartment from yesterday."

Lisa actually spoke up for the first time since we started decorating, "That's funny." Amy and I exchanged a brief glance and then smiled at Lisa.

"Hey, we still haven't painted behind this picture yet. Chelsey, you wanna help me move it?" Amy looked at me, gesturing at the large picture frame in front of her. I put down my paintbrush and hurried over to her.

We both lift up the picture frame and put it face-down onto the floor. Then I hear Lisa's small voice whisper, "What's that on the back of the picture?" Amy and I both peer towards the picture to see what Lisa is talking about, and sure enough, there is something engraved on the back.

"It looks like the number eight... no maybe that's a D... I don't know..." Amy trails off, trying to figure out what the message is. I gently push Amy's arm so that I can get a better look.

"That says 'B + H = LOVE,'" I tell them proudly. Then my heart sinks a little whenever I realize what that could mean.

"Amy, didn't you say that Bryson used to live in this apartment?" I ask her, my voice squeaky. Amy gives a small nod, understanding what this means.

"I have seen him hanging around Hailey a lot lately," Lisa puts in. I don't know if she's trying to help me feel better about it, but either way it doesn't. Because the voice in my head says over and over again: Bryson cheated on you, Chelsey.
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