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Wordplay to celebrate Dylan Thomas Day and Dance Like a Chicken Day

Express Yourself!

I urge you to express yourself,
it’s later than you think.
High time to make a pencil point
or fill your pen with ink.

Let napkins or a paper pad
absorb the words you leak,
or join the hipster laptop cats
and make your keyboard speak.

If music suits your impish mood,
expound upon the beat.
Get jiggy with iambic flow
and move those poet’s feet.

Trip lightly over lilting words
like children as they play,
or even do a chicken dance
on Dylan Thomas day.

If artful oils are more the form
that you prefer to ply,
then easel up a palette board
and let your colors fly.

With hue and scry an artist shapes;
a dreamworld he evokes,
To swim the stream of consciousness,
she'll brush up on her strokes.

Each soul contains a light within,
illuminating self.
Let's crack the shade and let it out,
don’t leave it on the shelf!

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