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When I was in 2nd grade I got into the cards but that was all until 4th or 5th grade and that's when I got my first copy of white 2, I didn't know what I was doing at the time and I remember my tepig and it's evolution's after just had attacking moves, I never made it past the e4 because a family member stole it, but I remember I had a tranquil(flying), a swanna (flying and surfing), and a cobalion and a emboar, which the last two were my real members, after the game was stolen from me, my mom bought me another white 2 and this time I picked osha, which he is now a level 100 samurott in home, He was high 80's in the E4 and quickly swept them, back then, I'm not sure why I didn't really use a whole team of Pokemon probably because the leveling sucked for the old games which you had to switch trade, I don't mind it anymore because back then you were able to use all your pokemon in battles and not 1 like now, I grew up on Pokemon y which was my 2nd game and Pokemon white 2, I had my first completed white game for 7 years until it stopped working completely, it started to say that the game couldn't read after I started the game and I was able to get it to work a few times to transfer hundreds of Pokemon, that was the 3rd game I completed the dex, the first time was Alolan games sun and moon, and 2nd was sword, it took me YEARS to complete the dex in white2 without hacking, I never had an action replay that I used until very recently, but even that no longer works, I had to use the dns thing and I needed to use my diamond, pearl, soul silver, and my black and black 2 games to help me complete the dex and, my last Pokemon was kyrogue that I got in a trade!!! Yes I forgot to say I traded in the gen 5 games after the server shut down, I have lots to talk about and none of you will probably read any of this, but I'm here for myself or anyone interested, I have a weird thing I do in Pokemon, I give all pokemon a chance, just not sunkern, you get sun stone too late most games because I don't wanna deal with that at all. Anyways I used a lot of Pokemon in a playthrough, I even used an arcues as a tm slave in platinum, I used Chimecho, delcatty, beautiful, explode, and altaria in emerald, I even used dusclops until my game deleted, well I'm going to bed, good night
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