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Dance Like a Chicken Day for Writer's Cramp
Dance Like a Chicken Day

23 lines

The Cosmos Bar in Berkeley. California
Was famous for being a quirky bar
Always having special days,

They were most famous
For their sign over the bar
“Space aliens drink for free,”
So far no alien had claimed
The free drinks.

The bar was an UFO themed bar
Owned and run by the Cosmos Institute
A famous paranormal research center
Whose nickname was the “real X files”
They had their offices above the bar.

On May 14 they always
Held an international Dylan Thomas Day,
And international “dance like a chicken day”

With participants urged to dress
Like alien giant chickens warriors.

As the DJ’s played chicken dance music
Intermixed with live reading
Of Dylan Thomas poetry,
In a poetry slam format.

A wild time was had
By all.

I regret that I can't declare a winner today - one entry didn't include a word count, and the other didn't follow all the prompt requirements.

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, May 14, is both International Dylan Thomas Day and Dance Like a Chicken Day . Find a way to link these two observances in your story or poem

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