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Rated: ASR · Poetry · Crime/Gangster · #2272953
I Need Your Help, Big Daddy!

Around 0 dark hundred, Big Daddy, the owner of the Cosmos Bar in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok was contemplating having another drink with his buddies. Typical Friday night routine.

Big Daddy was a real man about town. He had been a key CIA agent/operative recruited while at graduate school after his football career was derailed by injuries.

He had gone to the University of Arkansas and briefly owned a bar then until the agency sought him out. He spent almost fifteen years in hard tours all over the global south. Along the way he had picked up Chinese, French, Korean, Lao, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese. His Thai was his best language as he had a long term relationship with the co-owner of the bar, the niece of the local police chief.

Big Daddy was interrupted in his musings when Maria Lee, the enigmatic, drop-dead gorgeous Korean lady walked into the bar and asked for him. Khun Lek, gave her a jealous glance noticing her bright red dress, showing her ample cleavage, and said,

“over there, but order a drink first.”’

“Fine. Do you have Soju?”

“Sure, I’ll bring it over.”

“Big Daddy”,

she said,

“I need your help. I understand you can launder money.”

“yeah how much do you need?’

“50 million dollars”

“My fee is 1 percent taken from the top so that would be $500,000 deposited in my Cayman Bank account. Whose money is it?“

“Kim Jong-un’s secret stash. I am his concubine but he and his evil bitch sister kicked me out. I am on the lam so to speak”

“Here’s what we will do. Come back in five days. Do you have the cash with you?”

She never made it back, North Korean agents shot and killed her that night.
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