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Sam Adams was having a drink in his favorite Berkeley pub, the Cosmos Club located in downtown just down the street from CAL. It was a favorite hangout lor literary types as it had was in the headquarters building of the mysterious Cosmos Club, a rumored “real life X files” run by a mysterious woman known only her initials ML. Sam worked there debunking paranormal claims as his job. He was drinking with his best friend Jake Lee who also worked for the institute.

Over beers he described the institute’s latest acquisition, a guidebook to the location of Hell. He said,

“I read about it in a book.”

“What book?”

“The book.”

“You mean the necormicron? It’s real?”

Yeah, it’s real. ML found it at a rare book auction. It is an update to the original book and was published in 2006. Want to take a look?”

Sam pulled out the red leather-bound book. The cover was covered with ancient ruins that their linguists could not read, the text was in Arabic, Latin and Greek with updates in English,

ML has authorized us to go to hell and come back. Apparently one of her relatives is there and we are going to break him out of hell. Are you in?

“Hell yeah but where is the entrance to hell?’

The book says

“Entrances to Hell are located all over the world in various rough areas of cities worldwide. Places where authorities fear to go due to the violence of the area. The easiest entrance to access is in Hells Kitchen in NYC underneath the subway stop. If you go to gate 6 and chant the sacred words a portal to Hell’s subway will open.”

They entered Hell a week later and were never seen again.

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