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Rated: E · Short Story · Mystery · #2272975
English is not my native language. Feel free to correct me.
With great relief, I came out of the hospital. These physicians don't understand a damn thing! I'm completely sane! Had I not been so preoccupied with other matters, that little accident with the cat in the fridge could have been avoided. It could happen to anyone. Besides, it was the cat's fault - he had already eaten that day and had no reason to stick his nose in the fridge.

I went across the crosswalk, stopped at the bus stop, and let myself be lost in thoughts while waiting for my bus. It was raining, and for some reason, some people were running around in panic, trying to fit into the jammed cabins and fighting others for their right to do so. I was just peacefully standing there and pondering upon philosophical questions, especially ones of being, entity, and essence. I paid no attention to anything happening around. From time to time, however, some evil face distracted me, or a particular landscape element - such as a falling from a tree drop - captivated me and I spent a few minutes beholding it. But for the most part I thought of being, that is what makes entity entity; and being is not, for if being was, it would mean being had a property of being, which is a meaningless tautology.

I pondered and pondered. Ten minutes passed, twenty, thirty... And after forty minutes my spoilt-with-philosophy mind somehow managed to notice the fact that, for forty whole minutes, there hadn't been a single bus heading in the direction of my house. That was odd. It shouldn't be that way. Nor had it ever been like that. My reality shook. I felt myself like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Is it possible for a bus to cease moving? Maybe it is a glitch in the matrix? Am I dreaming?

I, being a rational man, right away tried to find a scientific explanation for that phenomenon. I glanced around - behind me, on the road, a warning triangle had been put. Apparently, a car crash had taken place. But other cars and buses seemed to have no trouble dodging it. Could it be that only my bus wasn't able to drive around it? The rain was gradually intensifying, as well as my feeling of unreality of all that was happening. "I think; therefore I am" raced through my mind. But where am I? That is the question! In the world I've always lived that was unfeasible. In my world, the bus comes every fifteen minutes. Maybe someone cancelled it? But who the hell can do that?! It isn't a law of the Criminal code.

Finally, I needed to take action. As there was no other choice, I decided to take a 10 km walk home. So I walked. After 500 meters, I was able to make out the familiar image of my bus stop, and then realized, with sheer surprise, that I had been standing at a wrong bus stop. It didn't take me long to catch my bus at this stop, and within half an hour, I was home. Having stepped into my apartment, the first thing I did was checking my fridge for the cat, just in case.
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