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by Nysh
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A short text about me

My name is Roberto I am 22 years old, and I study communication at the Salesian polytechnic college, I was born in Quito, and I lived all my life in El Dorado north center of the city, and the truth is that I become accustomed to the place where I grew up, so I would not like to live anywhere other place. How I live near the college sometimes, I'm walking and others in that I am late, I take the bus, I don't do more than 10 minutes.

I like to study my career that will help me achieve my dream, which is to be a writer, to date, I have a total of 10 stories written and 1 novel in process. Since I was a kid, I used to create stories in my head, let's say it was a way to disconnect with reality. At present I still do the same thing and while I am on a normal day I have enough thoughts, so sometimes people say that I am usually lost, but I try to pay attention to the classes so as not to have inconveniences and continue with my good grades.

Among my hobbies are reading manga, watching anime, and listening to music, I think these three things in my life have taken on important value, and sometimes I say things like a day without music is a lost day. I think that since I was a child my taste for manga and anime began, at the same time my taste for writing also began and start write more stories that people can relate to.

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