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by John
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2273006
The Supreme High One is Going mad with the Collective

Chapter 19 - Reckoning


The Old One did not believe he could have done the teleportation alone. Something like that required a tremendous amount of power and collected Essence. He again went within his mind to find anyone's assistance to the teleportation? After careful scanning, he did not see anyone could have gotten past his barriers. He felt he knew the answer, but refused to believe it.

"Old One?"

He knew he was capable of feats others could not do; however, he didn't think he was that powerful. He could not remember any stories of past Supreme Ones being able to accomplish this by themselves. What does this mean," he pondered.

"Old One?"

There had to be a rational explanation for this. He decided he needed to tap into whatever power he had and try to duplicate the teleport. But, who should he teleport and how would he explain what happened to them?"

"Old One!"

The Old One was pulled out of his thoughts when he finally heard Jaz's call. "What do you need Young One? I was busy within my thoughts."

"You have been standing there for over three Relffs without moving. What had captivated your attention for so long? Were you in contact with the place the color of One with the Planet again? If so, did you feel any Time Anomalies?"

"Sorry, Young One. No, I was merely in deep thought regarding your teleportation. I still question how it occurred with no one's assistance. I am in the mind to attempt another teleportation to test your theory. I have the perfect place to teleport us without anyone watching."

"Where is that? Are we going back to the palace? I would like to demonstrate my true powers to the Elders who held me against my will."

"We can act upon that once we get to the cave. From here, no one will see us vanish and no one will be at the cave to see us appear."

"You said us? Will we be teleporting together?"

"Yes, I want to experience what you do. We will create a teleportation window from here and go through it together," the Old One stated, "tell me when you are ready."

"I am ready now. As I stated, I have not used any of my Essence so I can aid in doing this."

"Good, we can proceed. Take note of how I do this so you may learn it and create your own someday. Here we go."

The Old One opened his contact with the Collective after his barriers were in place. He felt the Essence of Jaz and began to connect them to create the teleportation window. When this was ready, He visualized the cave and was there.

Young One, are you still in the desert? the Old One sent to Jaz telepathically.

"No. I am right behind you. How is this possible? I felt you open the teleportation window and then we were here. This is what happened before. I was at the palace and then I was here. No time elapsed," the Young One stated, "You brought us here without my aid. I felt you open the window and then we were here. This proves it wasn't an accident. You can teleport short and long distances by yourself."

"I felt the window open and shut. I thought only I went through it. How did we both end up here without feeling or seeing the process? I am beginning to think I am creating the portal on a subconscious level. That would mean I am creating the windows with little or no energy being used. It is like placing internal barriers. I just set them up and it just happens with a mere thought. I feel super charged, but in control."

"When did you first feel this way? How long ago?" asked Jaz.

"I first felt this way when I was trying to teleport you to me." Before that, the last time I teleported anyone, I believe, was a criminal to the North Quadrant about 800 cycles ago. But, I had all the Elders assisting me and that took several Esuoms to complete the full teleportation."

The Young One thought for a moment and then added, "Before being abducted, while you were trying to contact the Void, I remember a darkening above the crystal mountain and your cave. It seemed to be the color of One with the Planet. As I watched, the size of the swirling clouds appeared to shrink, stop, and then shrink and stop again. It was then I was knocked backward. I believe it was right after that I was caught because I do not remember anything else."

"Were the clouds you saw circling or stagnant?" The Old One asked.

"They were twirling around above the mountain itself. They were very dark."

"I wonder. Am I pulling the Void to me? I do not feel I do. However, you may have seen the physical manifestation of the Void while I was there. You stated the mass shrunk twice. While there, I saw the Void shrink twice, too."

The Old One asked, "You stated you were thrown backward. Did you see anything that hit you?"

"No. It was like a strong gust or a wave of liquid eterinite pushed me back."

"I have those same sensations when I have been in the Void. While there, I have been hit by a wave-like pressure. Every time I have felt it, something changes in reality. I have never spoken of this, but on one occasion when I was looking at the Void, I was hit with a smaller wave. When I regained consciousness, I had been sent 300 years into the future. When I was there today, I felt another wave roll over me. Instead of me being affected, you were."

"Good thing it was not permanent this time and you were able to get me back. I wonder if any others had been effected without your knowledge. I just thought of something. When you first felt these time waves, you had a viewing window open to a different world. While watching a three-legged individual walking, an unknown power build-up caused the disappearance of half the population and then hit you and a tremendous power surge racked your mind and body. This caused the window to fluctuate out of control. The power surge that went through you went toward the window. You couldn't control the window any longer and knew the power surge would cascade through it into the other world. You received a telepathic message stating to use the power crystals to destroy the window and you did. You stated remembering seeing the power crash through the viewing window and hitting the three-legged man. Did the power wave go through as well?"

"Yes, I believe it did."

"Is that when the viewing window exploded?"

"It exploded right before I saw the power of the crystals hit the three-legged man. I do not know his fate."

"Couldn't we open a new window and try to find out? We would have to go back through time, but that should not be difficult with your new powers. Maybe the world you were viewing was unaffected by the blast. Or, maybe, the blast of the crystals missed the three-legged man and did not do any damage."

"That's an interesting premise. I will have to think about this. Until then, we have to set a trap for Limdg and Velez.



While the Supreme High One was astonished by the progress Eternity had made while in exile, he was still trapped in a cage without any ideas on how to get out. If he touched the bars, he would receive a numbing shock and a drain of his Essence which he could not replenish. He couldn't access his powers, his Essence, or the Collective because of the dampening field around and above him. He had to bide his time getting Eternity to talk. Maybe she would give away how to get out or deactivate the cell.

"So when you learned to depend on yourself, is that when you took over the Tras?" he asked.

"They were the ones who taught me. I learned their language, went on hunts, listened to their quarrels, and celebrated their victories. All the while, I was thinking about how to bring you and the Elders down. As you are very aware, I sent my best squads to hunt your Elders down. I observed that Tra had invented a method of hunting from a distance using short crystal shafts and a bendable shaft of defective crystals. The bendable shafts were something I had never seen before. They also use what they call Beezz, a stretchable material from inside the Glos they hunt," she paused and then address the Supreme High One directly, "have you thought away to escape yet?"

"If I have, why would I tell you?"

"Because you are self gratuitous. You say you have done everything for the good of the Collective. If that was the case, the corrupt Elders would have been eliminated or Silenced. You would have paid more attention to the One Olds who do not teach the Young Ones all they need to know. You would have paid more attention to your people instead of gaining more power. You would not terminate or exile ones who differ in what they believe is good for the people. Did I miss anything?"

He didn't know how to respond. Was he guilty of any of her accusations? Surely, he couldn't be. He believed he had done everything for the good of his people. What he believed. . .

"Did I strike a chord with you? Why are you suddenly silent? Do you feel unsure of your crimes against your people? How many have challenged you? You have eliminated all who opposed you. You are free to control without opposition of differing thoughts or beliefs."

She continued, "I have learned from you. I have thought about how you govern. And I have made sure I never followed in your footsteps. The Tra are a free people. They decide who governs their individual tribes. I was chosen to be the Reincarnated Chosen because of what you did. Your actions made me their choice of leader."

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb. I know you are the one who took it into your responsibility to nudge their civilization forward. I know it was you because they showed me an etching of you when you visited them hundreds of cycles ago. You were the only Hydranousian to have ever visited them in the beginning. Sure, others that you exiled came later, but it was you who they saw."

Before stopping to think, the Supreme High One stated, "Impossible. I made sure I was hidden. No one saw me." He realized he just admitted to what Eternity was accusing him of.

"I knew it. You are the one who made them. You are the one who advanced them. I know you did something with the Collective to change them. You took it into your hands to alter them without consideration of the ramifications. By doing what you did, you made it possible for me to be their leader. I thank you, oh most Supreme High One." She bowed deeply and then laughed again at him.

"I will tell you more of what you did. By enhancing them, they became more aware of who they were in the world. They became to grow, both in numbers and knowledge. They soon became a large colony. With so many to feed, they began to create separate tribes who moved away to build their own colonies. They had a central leader at first but then selected the smarter ones to help lead. They had their share of bad leaders. They learned from their mistakes and began choosing leaders by agreeing on who would make better leaders than others. Their chosen leader would report only to the Chosen. That person alone had complete authority."

"Now this is where you shaped them directly. When you exiled your so-called criminals, they found their way to these colonies. It took time for the Tras and the Hydranousians to learn each other's language. During this time, the Hydranousians began to learn about this unknown civilization. They found it peaceful and welcoming. There were, however, ones who felt they should be the leaders. That ended with their termination."

"The Tra who left to start their colonies also met exiled Hydranousians. These were more willing to merge into their societies and taught the Tra many things. Those who did, rose in prominence and became loved leaders. Through them, taming and procreation of the Glos occurred. Mining crystal was learned, though, without the power of the third eye, it was strenuous work but helped create their weapons and cages. Through the mining, crystal the color of One with the Planet was discovered. At first, it was used for decoration because it was different. When curious Hydranousians began to arrive, we needed something to hold them. Because the One with the Planet crystals were the strongest, we used them. It was then it was discovered how it affected the Hydranousians who were still connected with the Collective."

At this time, a Tra came in and went over to Eternity and spoke to her quietly. After he turned and left, she again addressed him, "I received word from my squads that your people are becoming more organized in stopping my initial raiding parties. That is unfortunate for them. We knew something like that would occur so we had many contingencies ready. Ten more Elders have gone to be One with the Planet and several guards. It is believed they still have not discovered how come there haven't been any distress calls from the impending victims. Too bad."

"You have me. Stop the termination of the Elders. Many of them are new since you were exiled. They are trying to hold the people together with just laws and change for the good," begged the Supreme High One, "pity them."

"We have seen your pity. Silencing, exile, and termination of your fellow Hydranousians. Your Elders are self-serving or follow you blindly. I have enough of you for now. I go to make more plans for your people when we take over." She turned and left.

After sitting down, he again tried to connect with his Essence or Collective. There was nothing, just silence. He was alone except for the guards around his cage and the ones patrolling the room. They were all equipped with those weapons. He noticed the longer pieces of crystal were slightly bowed because of the tension caused by the Beezz. He also saw each Tra had a container made out of what looked like Glos skin with several of the smaller shafts with the black crystal on the ends.

Black crystals on the ends? That is how they are terminating the Hydranousians without them calling for help. The black crystals dampen their Essence so they cannot contact the Collective. Why didn't I see that before? Obviously, I didn't know about the black crystals and what they can do. Speaking loudly, "Eternity slipped up'".

No, she didn't. She knew I would figure it out. So far, she has been ahead of me. She has been feeding me information about how she rose to power within their ranks. She still, however, hasn't told me why they call her the Reincarnated Chosen. She hinted at it a little. Maybe that is something I can use to get more information.

"You, Tra. I have a question for you regarding the Reincarnated Chosen," addressing the nearest Tra, "Tra! I have a question about your leader." The Tra either did not understand Hydranousian or was ordered not to speak with him. So much for that idea. It looked like he would be here for a while.



"Trapping Elders Limdg and Velez should be easy. By now, they have discovered you are missing and are trying to find you through the Collective. With your barriers in place, they will see you are not there and wonder what happened to you. We need to get them to broaden their search and then give them a small trail to follow."

Eternity asked, "Wouldn't that lead them to me and eventually you?"

"Not necessarily. Even if they do discover me, my barriers are much stronger than their probing. They will find an Old One who is tutoring you."

"We first place false information regarding you. They can not know you have recovered your memories and full strength. When they discover you, you will still be the weak helpless Supreme High One they want. If they try to teleport you again, we will have a surprise for them."

With that, Jaz and the Old One began building barriers for Jaz to hide her true abilities behind, making sure as to not cut her off from her full Essence. It was a complex feat to accomplish as hiding her Essence was not the same as dampening it. After several trials and errors, they were satisfied with the result. Now was the time to set the trap.

Jaz made a weak connection with the Collective talking with her new tutor, Old One, are you able to hear me? I can barely hear and understand you. What did you mean by I needed to secure a firm link to the Collective? I am doing the best I can. I know my barriers are strong because I had two Elders tell me they were. Maybe you are the one having difficulty because of your age.

The Old One responded much more clearly, "Young One, I assure you I am sending you a very clear message. Your connection with the Collective is very poor. Whoever your previous tutors were, Elders or not, did a very poor job tutoring you. What were their names?

I think you asked for my previous tutors' names. It was Elders Limdg and Velez. After I was taken, I could not connect with them. I think they were ignoring me. I am the new Supreme High One, you know. Jaz laughed after sending that last part.

Hmm, yes, as you told me. You have not received your proper training so it will be a long while before you begin.

"Now Young One, we lure them in." The Old One stated.

Sending out a strong note to the Collective, Young One, I want you to do exactly as I say. I want to test your Essence's power to contact the Collective. Focus on what we talked about, the fake Old One sent. Visualize the person you want to hear your thoughts and try to search for them.

Who should I pick?

Anyone you know who has had contact with you. Those will be the strongest paths to follow.

Jaz then focused on Limdg and Velez to partially send her message to. Old One, can you hear me more clearly now? I feel this is working better than with the Elders' tutoring.

This caught the full attention of the Elders Limdg and Velez. They focused on her location. They needed to get her back and more firmly under their control. The fastest way to get her there was to teleport. They knew this would be risky, but they needed to get this done as soon as they could. They both entered the Collective and drew as much power as they knew they could channel. At once, they began the teleportation sequence.

The Old One was ready for this. As soon as he felt the draw on Jaz's physical form, he locked onto them and teleported Limdg and Velez to him.

The Elders were stunned. They had no idea what happened to them. First, they were disoriented and didn't understand how they got to where they were. As they looked around, they first saw Jaz and then the Old One. They had no idea where they were and immediately felt cut off from the Collective.

"Greetings Elders Limdg and Velez. I am an Old One, and this is my pupil, Jaz. I noticed you took her away without her consent. You then announced she was the new Supreme High One and were going to train her to be your pawn. What you did train her was how to construct a very weak barrier you could easily go around and manipulate her into whatever you wanted. Am I correct?"

"Who do you think you are? We are Elders, chosen by the last Supreme High One because of our faithfulness and honesty. We answered only to him and not some has been Old One." With that, Limdg turned around with Velez following and began to walk away. They stopped and turned back toward the Old One, "How are you doing this? You can not block our connection to the Collective."

The Old One answered, "Oh, I am not. It is the Young One who is doing this. After she was liberated from you and her mind was clear of what you did to her, she is reaching her true potential. As you called her, the Supreme High One, I believe she can do whatever she pleases to you."

Limdg was beginning to get upset and nervous, "Impossible. She is not the Supreme High One. She does have the true colors."

"Colors can be changed. She may not have wanted anyone to know who she really was. You are the ones who have announced her to the Collective." the Old One stated.

"You took me against my will, drugged me, and then tried to make me your puppet so you could rule all the Hydranousians," Jaz began, "I sentence you to Silence and Exile."

"You are not the true Supreme High One. We made that up so we could control you and become more powerful among the Elders. You can not Silence us or send us into exile. Only the Supreme High One could do that or the Collective power of all the Elders combined. You have failed in whatever you were trying to do."

Immediately they felt their connection with the Collective opened. With this, they both were barraged by the other Elders contacting them regarding their plan to overthrow them.

"You will answer for your crimes."

"You will be Silenced and exiled to the North Quadrant."

"Yes, to the North Quadrant with you both."

"We will deal harshly with you traitors."

"We are initiating your teleportation now."

"No, wait! We can explain! We did not mean anything we said. We knew it was a trap and played along. Stop the teleportation now. Please st. . ." Limdg and Velez disappeared, both wailing their innocence.

"What will happen to them?" Jaz asked.

"They may be Silenced and sent to the North Quadrant. At the very least, they will be stripped of their powers and Silenced for a cycle or maybe permanently."

"Do we continue to the cave or will we go somewhere else?" asked the Young One.

"No, I think you were right. It is time to see what happened to the three-legged man. We will go to the cave and open a new window from there. I believe it is time to see what occurred to him and correct any wrongs that happened to him, if he still exists."



The Supreme High One was feeling the emptiness of not having a connection with the Collective. He knew this would happen. He even made himself ready for the emptiness by focusing his thoughts on his current situation and how to escape. The more he thought about escape, the more he became worried.

Had he really no escape? Was he really guilty of everything she accused him of? He did do everything she stated, but they were for the betterment and safety of his people. Yes, instead of putting Hydranousians who only wanted power into the positions of Elders, he should have addressed their issues head-on. Did the people exiled to the North Quadrant really deserve this fate? He began questioning all his decisions. At this time, he noticed he had been rocking while in thought.

"What is happening to me? Am I going into madness?"

No, he thought. I am not going into madness. I need to stay focused on my own thoughts, not the silence. I need to be here, not in my head. I need to find a way out."

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