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always the underlining worry
                                                                                                                    It's a Girl

         When I held my new granddaughter for the first time, so many thoughts raced through my head.  First and uppermost, she is a girl.  To be born a girl in this family can be terrifying.  It was for me, and my two daughters.  Struggling through abuse issues took most of our adult lives and we're still not healed.

         But this little girl, she could be the first one to grow up somewhat normal.  She has a mother and a father who love her, she has three much older brothers to protect her.  When she's with her family, no one can touch her.  I can protect her while she's so very little, limiting access from outside.  But when she's older, beginning to stretch her legs and explore, what do I do then?

         I can't go on dates with her, I can't do sleepovers with her, I can't always take trips with her.  I must not appear to be the crazy granny.  But my heart is aching at the thought of all the growing up she will have to do.

         People who prey on children are so often disguised as the outstanding member of the community, or an official in our small-town government, or, more likely, the kindly neighbor down the street.

         How do I protect her from a potential predator?  I can warn her about good touch/ bad touch.  I can tell her no one has the right to hit her.  I can tell her she's beautiful and smart and can be anything she wants. But she still has to live her life.

         What I can do is provide a safe comforting place for her.  A place that welcomes her, regardless of her mistakes, a place without judgment, a place where encouragement waits, a place where she can heal, a place where celebrations urge her forward, a place for explanations.  All this I can do as she navigates through her life.

         And I am comforted.  With prayers and love, both of us can move forward, both of us learning.

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