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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2273097
An image of your unknown battle

Dry stones and sand outnumbered the scattered grasses on the mountainside. Thereon stands Shimei like a faithful horse hungry for battle, facing the slave camp before him; a camp painted of tattered cloths, sores and stench.

The slaves were soldiers and were working for their few masters; strong, ugly-looking masters who started shouting at their pawns at the sight of him. But he himself wasn't alone, he had a single company. One greater than all the foes that ruled the tattered herd.

‘Get away from here!’ the human horde yelled in anger with one voice. ‘ Come no further or we'll attack you!’

Their alien masters who were tall, bald, naked and as black as charcoal were also raging, but were sowing their anger in their herd whom they stood behind, stirring them furiously by secret reins of high-quality, artistically-fashion­ed lies. Their words were behind the the hordes, so the lone-looking soldier could not hear them.

‘I'm here to set you free! I'm not your enemy. Please leave these tents and come with me! My boss is able to protect and provide for you. Leave the enemy hordes that want to keep you like this and destroy you later. You don't know where they're taking you to. Come to our tents and join us!’ he yelled back, burning with the love his master was putting in him from behind.

His master and the hordes were fighting over men, and the alien hordes scattered all over the Unseen Realms were continually gathering and hauling away people. Some people were taken, one by two aliens or five, four by one alien, twenty by one alien, one by seventy aliens, etc, but this soldier's master can win all the aliens at once. But he doesn't force men to follow him, since the Unseen Realms is not like any other place; there people get whatever they choose.

The furious pawns stringed their arrows and fired at will each, trying to either wound the man or to chase him away. But the dark masters behind them wanted the soldier to die or be captured. The soldier only had to get angry at and leave his Lord for that to happen. The attacks were too much and discouraging, but it was love for himself that keeps him staying with his master, and it was love for his master that keeps him agreeing to go hunting with him. He knew what he was enjoying and wished that the others would too.

He stringed his own bar and started shooting, aiming at the alien behind each one and hitting him to the ground. By that the person would be free and become thoughtful, then the second arrow would cut off the rope. It looks like a hard job, but his master enabled him to hit countless targets with a shot.

Soon some of the humans started trying to run away with their alien masters, deeming the attack to be an attack on human beings. Some who were free and convinced started running towards the lone soldier. Some who were free still stood, contemplating; some of these were recaptured by either the same or different masters.

When it was time to go back, there were arrows in the air that hung to protect some of them that were free but had not left the foul ranks. Also, some of those arrows were to help the remaining in the future. The good master had left them there from the bow of his servant.

If one were looking up at the mountain, he or she would have seen the glint of the lone soldier's sword as it caught the light of the sun as he shouted happily in his victory.

This is a war; that was a battle.
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