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This is a fanmade thing by me
I will get stronger, for me and for them. We won't lose anymore! My guys aren't weak, it's me, and no more mess ups. Let me tell you the tale of me and how this strive of getting stronger started. I am born Unovan, Im from Aspertia City and I became a trainer a 8 years years ago and I dropped out of the gym challenge after I got 6 badges, I am now 20 and I started my gym challenge early as a 12 year old in Unovan, usually you started at 16, but I was really strong as a little kid. I had a tepig I got as a present, it was special, he was had good stats and had special moves, his moveset then was body slam, super power, sucker punch, and flame charge. Everyday at school I would get challenge and the challenger would get wrecked, because we were so strong, everyone was scared of us, so I quit school to be a pokemon trainer, the first battle as an official trainer, tepig evolved and I decided to challenge cheren the new gym leader right away, he got destroyed by me and I was officially the 4th trainer to defeat him, N, R, H, and me, Zachary.

I caught my first and third member in flocessy ranch after getting permission to train there, I cought a mareep named Fluff and a riolu name Lulu. Lulu was my first female Pokemon. I got my 2nd badge in virbank city and my 3rd in castellia city. I was told by a guy in the Pokemon center than you could get an Eevee In the Beginning of castellia city.
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