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another attempt at a short

                                                                                                    Two Women

Debra, humming "What a wonderful day" entered the bar, reading her phone, 
Almost done here.  Meet you in our favorite bar in about 15.  Love you.

Looking around to see if he was already here, she noticed the place was empty except for a woman sitting at the end of the long oak bar.

Ordering a white wine, she thought over the last three weeks.  Her adventure had started when she had invested some of her fortune in an upcoming art gallery. Going to the grand opening, she'd met Richard.  They connected immediately and Debra just knew it was love.  Now, amazingly, they were planning a trip to the Caribbean.  He was tall, handsome, had a great job on Wall Street, and, apparently, had plenty of money.  He was everything Debra had prayed for but never thought she'd find.

Waiting impatiently, she examined the woman sitting down from her.  Maybe ten years older than Debra, she looked elegant and well put together.  But her shoulders were shaking.  She was weeping.

Debra hesitated, then got up, and walked over to the woman.

"My name is Debra. I hope I'm not disturbing you, but I couldn't help but notice you are crying.  Can I help?"

The woman turned to face her, her eyes red and swollen.  "I doubt it," she answered, slurring her words.

"It's a man, isn't it?  That's usually what women cry about."

Lifting her drink, the woman replied, "Yes. I thought he and I were so happy together.  But last week, he told me he was leaving.  He'd had found his true love."

She uttered a short laugh, "That's how we got together.  He was married when we first met but he told me the marriage was dead. He was everything I wanted in a man, handsome, charming, fun, and, I thought, rich.  He had a great job as a stockbroker.  I just knew we'd be together forever.  I suppose that old saying, what's goes around comes around, is true.  He left his wife for me and now he was leaving me for someone else.  And worst of all, he has no money except for mine.  Everything he earns, he spends.  My lawyer says I'll have to pay him support," and drained her glass.

Debra grasped her hand, "What's your name?"


"Susan, I'm so sorry.  I've heard about men like that.  They think women were put on this earth to serve them.  What I don't understand is how many women fall in love with this type.  How naive can a smart woman be?"

"I still don't understand, Debra.  I did everything he asked.  We had the best of everything, a beautiful lake house, the latest cars, vacations in Europe.  It was all paid for by me, but I didn't care.  I had him "

Debra replied, "I think men like that have no sense of commitment.  They think women owe them.  I've met a couple of men like that, but I saw through them.  Look, Susan, you're better off without him.  You deserve someone who respects and loves you.  This husband of yours is poison.  Be thankful he's leaving."

Susan sniffed.

Debra continued, "This place serves hot sandwiches.  Let me order one for you.  I can sit with you while you eat."

"Well, maybe food will help.  I can't go back to that empty house."

Just then the bar door swung open as a dark-haired man strolled in.

Debra jumped up, smiling, "Richard!"

Richard?" Susan said and reached for her purse.

BAM!  The sound of a gunshot spun Debra around as Susan put a small gun back in her purse.

Walking to the door, Susan looked down at Richard's dead body and murmured, "You idiot.  This was our favorite place."

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