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This Earth is not ready for the key destined to open its reality.
Short Shots Image Prompt (May 2022)

This Earth is not ready for the Nexus event.

It is July 4, 2022. Independence Day is the prescribed date for the arrival of the Key to Reality. The place is right. World events have unfolded as expected: pandemic, war, climate change. The problem is that the people are not ready. They were supposed to grow through their trials, to learn wisdom, compassion, and love to create a new base for reality. The key is here, but it does not fit the lock. They did not react to the catastrophes destined to help them grow into the ability to use this technology to unlock the next step in their evolution. Fate laid the perfect foundation, but they are too deficient in mind and soul to wield this power to remake their world.
They were supposed to grow into new realizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown was meant to open their eyes to destructive habits leading to ruin. They talked about creating a “new normal,” but fought to return to the same old thing as soon as the immediate threat seemed to pass.

There were declining living conditions and war. Inflation, unrest, more climate change, and social issues. It was already destined but instead of reigniting their compassion, it further fueled their anger. Sure, they took steps to help, but the consequences of world events on their personal lives also distracted them. They gave in to anxiety, fear, and anger and focused on protesting social issues and the consequences of their decisions over growth and wisdom. These tragedies were meant to help them evolve into the compassion and wisdom needed to use this key to step into a new reality prepared as a reward for standing through their struggles.
They were supposed to grow around the grief and pain of this time to enter a new reality of light and life, the “new normal” that they longed for. But they didn’t. Anger and fear are natural first responses to what has happened to this world, but it’s supposed to motivate them to take action to make better decisions and create a better reality than they had before. That hasn’t happened. They’re stuck in their anger, fear, and confusion to understand the gift being given. The key to transcending space and time would be used for selfish endeavors to change the past, instead of creating their destiny. The shock and confusion should have passed by now. They should be in a place of acceptance and seeking opportunities to create a new and better world, not still fighting over resuming control over the old world.

This is our circumspection. Our interest is to bestow the key on as many realities as possible, but we cannot risk this reality using it to destroy all of the others, which they would certainly do. That is what fear does: it causes them to shrink. Creation is supposed to expand, but instead, they have collapsed into rage powerful enough to tear apart the very fabric of space and time. This happens in half of the nexus points in creation: some take the path of light, and some fall into darkness. There are some souls in this world who are ready, but too few. This Earth must remain isolated to protect the others with the potential for evolution.

This is the right place. This is the right time. We must pass it by. They are not ready to take the responsibility for embracing a greater destiny. They are fastened to habits of a small existence in a dying world. They must continue their journey without this key prepared for them until they find the light of creation beyond the confines of their fear on their own.

Perhaps fate will bring us back to this Earth before the end of time. Perhaps not. I do not hold any power over the forces of creation. I simply ride the wave and deliver this key to those who are worthy of living in a greater reality than the one they have created. There are countless other Earths’. Some of the light emanating in this space is from worlds worthy of this gift.

This one is not.

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