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Nonsense really about things I like and things I like less than most other things.
I’ve watched people all of my life. The way an aging wife holds onto an aging husband. The way marriages can crumble. I’ve watched people go through heartbreak and I’ve watched them fall in love again.

I’ve watched people pray, I’ve watched them drink themselves to death. I’ve watched people grieve and I’ve watched them celebrate.

I’ve compiled a list of what I’ve liked watching and what I haven’t liked as much.

I’ve liked watching:
Lovers hold hands
People when they concentrate
Babies figuring things out
People arguing in vehicles
Old people with tattoos on motorcycles
People getting flustered when they receive a gift

I’ve disliked:

Babies with electronics
Faces so angry they turn red
People yanking their dogs on a leash
People chewing with their mouths open
Pregnant women working in fast food restaurants
People taking pictures of their food
Seeing people sleep on the streets

I can’t help but look around and notice things I like a lot
And things that crush my spirit through my eyes.
As much as I like watching, part of it is pretending to be blind
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