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Observations off how modern era has effected organizations as a whole.
The first thing you will hear during your employment to a place that is currently not quite right is 'are you alright with change?'

Sure. I can handle change, change has brought about alot of great things.

It's not quite however the type of change that is occuring.
It depends on the age or generation of the business..

New businesses with the original founders in place are great places.. they all know they are learning and working together to achieve.

Business that has been around for centuries that are 'digitally transforming' are generally great places.. they have management and executives which have culture passed down to them through the years and have a lot of employees that have worked together for a great many years as well.

We then get to the difficult case.. companies which have just moved from their original founders or their original purpose and design.
This is a high risk company who should move carefully forward but.. that is not the case...the changes are fast, unregulated, unresearched, unproven and generally unneeded.
It's really dependent on the executives and management of these companies.. Do they know all the processes which made the company great or the resources within the company both software and people.
Do they have the humbleness to ask those within the company to help solve something and not try and dictate the problem and the solution?

We have range of folks from a CEO whose entirely hands off and acts as a stamp for others under them vs. a highly hands on type (Steve jobs / Elon musk).
There is also one that has come about in this period of great resignation and transformation.. the wannabe

The concept is simple.. they have worked a long time under someone and now they have become the big cheese but.. the problem is generally the big cheese they were under was the hands on type above.

This means they effectively have no great ideas or great experience. They saw what good things and good experience could bring about but never achieved it..

The true test for them is to be humble and learn from the organization and the people before trying to chart their own path forward.. but if they fail to do that.. they will only bring change and chaos and nothing more.

If you haven't guessed currently the author is currently working under said type of business and leadership. I wouldn't recommend this sort of ride for everyone as I am a bit misguided in my attempts to understand all of the changes and whims of such transformational forces. It's an experience I guess that should be experienced at least once but don't get too attached to it. In the end, with a company being run down a hill with no brakes. You may want to get look for that door before you get too deep.

I left and came back driven to help my fellow employees and keep technology I helped create running but.. I'm uncertain I can watch it all be ground down by all of this unregulated and unfocused change, we'll see if you will fare better.

In our next article.. the great resignation.. it's a good thing really.. (okay so it has its problems)
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