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Tasha knew nothing of horses. Less about racing them, but had a feeling.
“Zero chance.” Billy said as he chomped on a toothpick.

“We’ll see.” Tasha grinned.

“I’m tellin’ ya. Ain’t going to happen.” Billy rocked back in his wooden chair. “Longshots never win. A fool’s bet. The bookies are rubbing their hands together.”

“Get on the computer and make the bet for me. $200.”

“You are wasting your money, honey.”

“Do it.” Tasha pushed her face into his.

“Okay.” Billy clicked on a few keys.

Tasha meandered to the next room. The Kentucky Derby was about to start. Horses were coaxed into their gates. The anticipation of the crowd filled the air. The gates opened and they were off. They bolted from their position and thundered over the hard dirt. The annoucers began their banter.

“They’re off for the Kentucky Derby... Summer is Tomorrow, Crown Pride to the outside, Messier, and ZoZos is fourth.... Epicenter finds himself mid-pack here... Zanden to the inside. The opening half mile was ... WHOA... Blazing fast at 45.36 seconds.”

Tasha looked up at Billy who stood in the doorway. Tasha smiled meekly.

“See sis. He’s close to last.”

“... And now Epicenter moves up and is splitting horses as Crown Pride takes the lead around the far turn. Summer is Tomorrow and Crown Pride are stride for stride. Zandon gets the rail run and they are into the stretch. It’s Messier, Crown Pride and Epicenter. Epicenter has taken the lead!

Epicenter and Zandon stride for stride. Epicenter and Zandon! And Rich Strike is coming up on the inside! Oh, my goodness! The longest shot is going to win the Kentucky Derby!

Tasha jumped all around. I just won $16,000!!!

Billy put both hands on her shoulder, looked her in the eyes and said, “I didn’t do it. I didn’t place the bet.”

296 words

Limited to 300 words
Flash Story
Must contain the line “I didn’t do it.”


Based upon a true story, Rich Strike wasn’t even in the Derby field until Ethereal Road was scratched, making room for the chestnut colt trained by Eric Reed. Both Leon, from Venezuela, and Reed were in their first Derby. An underdog of underdogs, Rich Strike and jockey proved that running a smart race with a horse with talent is all you need to pull one of the biggest upsets in horseracing.
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