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by ippy
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2273395
What if in the story of Nagatoro the senpai was a fatty instead of a bean sprout?
[BHM, Stuffing, Humiliation]

Hachiouji Naoto, or Nao-kun as his classmates called him, entered his school library to do his homework in peace. Usually, after school it was empty so he could relax and work without a care in the world. However, today luck was not on his side, just next to his usual spot was a group of loud girls. He was already here, and going elsewhere would be a pain in the ass, he would just have to sit in his corner and wait for them to leave.

As he took his seat the poor chair beneath him creaked in agony. He cringed waiting for the girls to say something, but it seemed that they didn’t notice or didn’t care about him. Moments like this make him self-conscious about his weight. During his childhood and early teens he had a growth sprout that made him quite tall, but at the same time really thin and lanky. Being an introverted and awkward boy made him the prime target for bullies who constantly made fun of how he looked. To change that he came up with the idea of bulking up, but at some point, he grew past ‘chubby’ and ‘fat’. Now at 5’9 and 380 lbs, he was right in ‘obese’ territory.

Putting his bag at the table and taking out his notebook he began to work, or at least he tried to. The laughter and noises coming from the table in front of him were really distracting. Every now and then he stole glances at the girls. They were gyarus, loud and obnoxious. They were the worst kind of girls to deal with, not that he knew how to deal with any type of girl. As he tried to go back to his homework, his bag dropped to the floor spilling its contents.

This time the girls stopped their conversation and looked at who had interrupted them. What they found was a fatty hunched over the table and a multitude of snacks that had come out of his bag like a piñata. Immediately they flashed him a terrifying smile and walked up to him.

He knew what was coming. He had experienced it a million times before from different people. He averted his gaze and sat tight on the chair, he lowered his head but instead of his legs, he found his belly and man boobs.

“Hey fatty! What’s your problem?”

“Looks like he was having a ‘little’ snack.”

“Then why did he drop it?”

“Must be all the grease on the food he likes.”


As they came closer they started poking and wobbling different parts of his body.

“You’re a real porker ain’tcha?”

“Man, how is that chair not given out with that fat ass?”

“Geez, these boobs can make some girls jealous.”


They continued to taunt and make fun of him but he didn’t say anything. Why bother? He had heard all those insults and many more over the years. He knew that in these cases the only thing he could do was to close his heart, they’ll eventually get tired of it like all the others.

And they did. After some more jabs at his expense, the girls just started to retreat and laugh it off.

“Yukko is at Mister Donut.”

“Let’s go, Let’s go. Mister Donut.”

“I can’t. I have a shift. Try not to end like Porky over here.”

“I’ll pass too.”

“OK. See ya.”


And so Nao-kun and one of the girls were left alone at the school library. Even sitting in front of him he could tell the girl was smaller and leaner than her friends. This only made him feel more anxious about his body. She had straight black hair and tanned skin. And she was staring at him deep in thoughts.

“I’m a first-year student. You are in the second year, right?”

The girl finally broke the awkward silence and startled him a little.

“U-um ... yeah.”

“Aha bull’s eye, I knew it.”

He didn’t understand what was going on. Not a minute ago she and her friends had bullied him and now she was acting as if nothing had happened.

“That makes you my senpai.” Said the girl with a cheeky smile.

She ducked under the table and reappeared holding a melon pan. His melon pan. One of the many items that had spilled out of his bag.

“You know senpai, you’re quite the pig.” The girl was playing with the bread when she insulted him out of nowhere.


In a swift motion, the girl ducked under the table, picked up the various snacks, and placed them on the table. “I mean, just look at all the junk food you were carrying.”

“A-ah ... t-that’s ...” How could he even defend himself? Bringing such an amount of snacks to school only made him look like a stereotypical gluttonous fatty.

Standing up from her seat she came to his side and buried her whole index finger in his belly. “I’m surprised this much food made it at the end of the day looking at that gut of yours.”

“I-I don’t … It’s just … ” His face burned with shame and he started sweating. What was the deal with this girl?

And at that moment, to cement his image as a hopeless pig his stomach let out a huge growl. He felt like dying right there. His face didn’t grow redder only because it was physically impossible.

“Hahaha! Looks like somebody is hungry.” The smile in the girl's smile changed, now it was a twisted and sadistic grin.

“It’s not my fault … I-I just … I didn’t eat lunch.” That lie was almost as fat as him. He had stuffed himself silly at lunch, but he needed to save face somehow, not that it was possible at this point.

The girl acted like she hadn’t heard him or didn’t care for his excuses. She picked a pastry from the table, removed the wrapper, and hover it above his face.

“Com’on senpai, open up.” In any other situation, she would have looked like a sweet girl being cute while feeding the boy he liked. But there was a dark and oppressing aura coming from her that betrayed her intentions.

“What???” Did she seriously think he would eat it from her hand? There was no way in hell he would stoop that low.

In a feeble attempt to resist her, he kept avoiding meeting her face and looked around. This only seemed to annoy the girl.

“Senpai. Did nobody teach you?” Tired of his games, the girl grabbed his face by his inflated cheeks and forced him to look at her. “When you’re talking with a girl you’re supposed to look at her in the eyes.”

It was scary how this little girl could overpower him so easily. Sure, he wasn’t that strong but he figured that weighing more than 3 times her weight would make it at least a little difficult for her to push him around.

“Plwesh n-no.” Now with tears in his eyes, the only thing he could do was beg for mercy.

“Senpai, I said open up.” Once again the girl smiled sweetly but her voice was more forceful and impatient.

Before he could complain again, she shoved the entire pastry in his mouth. If it had been any other person they might have choked on the food, but for Nao, a seasoned veteran in the art of overeating, his body moved on his own chewing as fast as he could, and in a matter of seconds, the pastry was gone.

“Good job senpai. Now you need to finish all this.” Letting go of him, she pointed to the pile of food on the table. “After all, we don’t want you to go hungry.” A chill ran down his spine when she said those words with a sinister and mocking grin.

As she pushed the next snack she found no resistance. He was frozen with fear and the only movement he made was chewing with his mouth. Soon another snack followed, and before they knew it they were in sync. Just when he was getting to a rhythm she would push him to eat faster. All the while she would keep teasing him and abusing him verbally.

“Keep up the good work senpai.”

“So gross. You could at least try to savor your food senpai.”

“Eww. You’re a really messy eater senpai.”

“You’re not gonna tell me you are full are you?”

After all the food was gone, his belly was packed to the brim and he was left a wheezing sweaty mess. If he wasn’t so painfully stuffed he would have noticed that she was also red-faced and breathing heavy, though for her it was more from excitement rather than exertion.

She placed her hands on his round taut belly and felt how it resisted her pushing. He could only let out a painful expression.

“Jeez senpai. You really are a disgusting pig.”

And with that, she took her things and left the library with a satisfied smile. Meanwhile, it would take Nao-kun another half hour before he could digest part of the food and return back to normal.
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