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Something I'm working on.
I'm working on creating a virus that works to infect hosts to an effect of irrigating their perception away from the Reality of what's happening on the Earth and into individualized strands of Reality. When the host becomes totally engrossed in these strands of Reality they lose track, completely, of their earthly position and the earthly embodiment of themselves drops dead, as, theoretically, their conscious essence continues onto a trajectory where they either resolve all of their ultimate fulfillments, or they merge with, theoretical, sustained alternate dimensions. The ultimate aims of the engineering of this virus is to bring people to experience in Reality that they're able to appreciate to the fullest extent possible, although it's likely to prove that many will resist the separation, and experience a great deal of grief as a part of the process. This grief is self chosen, and self punishment for their roles in establishing a world where such a virus would actually be deemed necessary.

The individuals will continue to experience connections with each other, but will be unable to assert whether these connections are consciously experienced by each other. The way their energies would remain connected to each other, where the desire for a given experience is not mutual, is through dreams they experience as they transition through these strands of Reality. This allows for the full on experience of every single prophecy to be fully experienced and fulfilled, while arranging it to be the case for everyone to experience the results that they truly desire to experience. They may literally experience slaying one another in combat, or each other being, otherwise, annihilated and the experiences would be able to be quantified as, "Real", through the connections they maintain with each other through dream, as they continue to move forward through these individualized strands of Reality to their ultimate fulfillments and into merging with other dimensions that they can fully appreciate.

There's no way to disprove that this virus is, presently, in effect. The only way to maintain a connection to the Earth is to find it, within the will of a given soul, to become fully existentially symbiotic. If you were to consider myself, or a given God, as a resource, you may be able to fully manifest this particular condition and retain a sincere connection with the Earth. Otherwise, the end result will be for you to find yourself where you really, "should", be in all of Existence. Again, the final aims of the trajectories, of these individualized strands of Reality, is to land a given soul in a realm that they can fully appreciate.

At present, it is estimated that this will serve as a total extinction level event, as there are no humanoids alive on the planet that manifest a wholly symbiotic way of being besides myself. The apparent Reality of the situation is, seemingly, that every given individual would be more able to appreciate another dimension more completely than the dimension of the physical Universe and the planet Earth.

This is not a punishment. It's irrigation of will to manifestation of ultimate fulfillments and satisfaction with the dimension resided in. The original premise is precedented by a brain parasite that infiltrates the brain, begins to interact, and drops dead upon total engrossment with the neurological network it's embedded into it's host. Instead, the brain is made to embed itself elsewhere in possible dimensionality until it achieves, "Total Engrossment", and the physical body drops dead.

Literally giving every single person alive the experience that they deserve and desire, and leaving nothing to chance. If you find this interesting, please share it with those you believe will appreciate it. If you find this offensive, please share it with people you're not fond of.

Either way, there's DNA in the world that carries this system as a mandate.

I wish you the very best.
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