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by T.K
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This is just me vomiting my thoughts about my first A level exam.
I can hear my heart tonight. It's trying to punch through my chest. I cannot drink tonight to ease my anxiety, so I must find another way to make a good night's sleep more achievable. I suppose this is my attempt at finding something. A fruitless yet artistic way of figuring out the limbo in my head. Limbo indeed. Perhaps my greatest fear is that after I die, I will be forced to wander through limbo forever. in that case I suppose tomorrow is not as bad as it seems. Or maybe doing a psychology exam for eternity is my idea of hell. At least I would never get my results back, so it it would never truly matter. As for heaven, I suppose heaven is what will come after my last exam. A long and peaceful sleep, perhaps even a day long. That is the dream. No matter anyway. The results cannot prevent the long weeks of relaxation that this summer offers. Overall, my life remains positive, despite this notable slump.

Good luck to anyone sitting exams, be it now or in the future, but not the past. Somehow I think that cannot change.
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