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A journey through a kind of madness
In the beginning, he was in the church
But never really one of us
He did his own research
And considered faith superfluous

He saw a world of poverty and pain
Which too many ignored
He thought that Christians had no brain
And when they spoke, he was bored

Grand meta-narratives were formed
Communist and Nietzschean
The reasons his comrades warred and stormed
They could never agree on

He created a new ideology
To replace his vicious prototypes
He matched his science against theology
And freedom against those Christian types

He looked deeper into the mystery
Our origins and future out there
But found that he could not see
Into the darkness that is everywhere

As he aged he grew more resigned
The darkness inside him grew
Until one day he was completely blind
And he doubted everything he knew

I met him in that dark place
As a faint light and dash of grey
I spoke to him of mercy and grace
and about a better way

I hope he makes it back again
Into God's love and light
May he let go of his pain
And in new life regain his sight

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