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by Nanda
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Light will delude you. Maybe this all isn’t really for me.
My truth will set me free,
My forgiveness has brought me peace.
So why isn't anybody sitting here with me?
Is doing my best supposed to leave me so sad?
With nothing else to wonder
I find myself reluctant to accept that what I hold onto is simply the past.
I've shined my light endlessly throughout...
Left to aimlessly wonder about.
I cannot allow for such
Stagnant loneliness to get the best of me!
The warrior within cant help
To feel simply defeat..
I've squandered my goodness,
Learned to forgive,
Felt the bravest I've ever been.
Now left in a cloud of confusion,
Way up high, I sit alone.
Wondering where I belong.
Is this pain an error in patience?
Have my illusions covered my weakness?
Is that fire I seek in others simply something lacking in me?
All I stand for is crumbling beneath me.
This shattering void is blinding me.
I feel that monster within,
Scratching at the surface,
Poking and laughing at me,
And anticipating the moment my loneliness will cease.
For it knows that when I lose control,
I will once again........
Have all eyes on me.
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