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Why I’m not a Christian
Why I’m not a Christian

Well, this is a bit of ramble. Note that I would not be in the least offended, if someone were to challenge anything I have written. Heck, I would likely get a bang out of a challenge. I am nuts, and I continue to examine my half-assed notions, checking for leaks.

1) I don’t believe there is any compelling evidence for the existence of a supernatural realm.

I am particularly troubled that so many modern Americans believe in demon possession. I am embarrassed for my species.

2) The enormity of the Universe has so, so little space capable of supporting life. Why so much waste? Even earth space is greatly limited for human habitation. Some design.

3) I do not believe that a man named Jesus cast demons into pigs and ran them into the sea (Matthew 8). I, of course, ask myself what is more likely, that this is a historic event or that this is a story, an embellishment, a fiction, or that the claimant is simply mistaken? No sweat.

Note that this thought process carries a lot of water for me. It so easily applies to all supernatural claims. All of them.

4) I don’t believe a wizened being would become obsessed with a small pocket of people living in the Middle East some two thousand years ago. That those people identify as a “chosen people” is very telling. Very telling.

We humans tend to think that we are at the center of the most important place and time in human history. This seems improbable.

5) If a god manifests in reality, it would be observable. There are no observable manifestations.

6) Vicarious redemption through the brutal sacrifice of a supernatural stand-in, Jesus, is not not a sensible plan, since it does nothing to right the wrong. This sounds like the rather dim idea of a very dim human, not a loving and wizened being.

7) The myth of the fall of man is silly. There is no such thing as original sin. No just being punishes the child for the sin of the parent.

8) Many adherents claim Bible prophecy. Prophecies within the Bible are self-fulfilling.

For me to believe in a prophetic culmination, it would need to be very, very specific. The often sighted creation of the sate of Israel in the nineteen fifties is claimed as fulfillment of prophecy. Sorry, no, we humans made that happen. Humans did this.

I do not believe that a wizened being would have an interest in fortune telling. How goofy.

8) God supposedly ordered Israel to eliminate all Amalekites. What a brute this god must be. Why didn’t this god do the dirty work? Is it a coincidence that this god had the same enemies as the state of Israel? I think not.

9) The god character fails to communicate a consistent and worldwide message. Instead, it depends on dumbass people to spread the nonsense. More silliness.

10) I believe our fear of death, the need to feel special, and a need for certainty explain humankind’s nonstop creation of supernatural claims.

11) I am unable to believe Jesus rose from the dead. What evidence do we have? Sketchy and anonymous two-thousand-year-old writings and modern day “feelings” claimed by adherents. What other outlandish claims are believed on so little? None. Well, at least there should be none.

12) Healings. Really? Why are the supposed healings so intermittent? On what basis does this god character choose who will be healed? “Why does god hate amputees?”

13) Why would an all powerful and loving being make something as brutal as the food web? If its powers are unlimited, why this tooth and claw? I reject the fall of man as reason.

14) The concepts of heaven and hell are absurd. How would we poor humans spend eternity? Praising and burning? From all available evidence, it is likely that I will return to my pre-birth nonexistent state upon death. Reality often displeases me.

15) Any being worthy of worship would not wish to be worshiped.

16) We humans are so needy, it makes us vulnerable to belief in utter nonsense. Wish thinking does not help us. It is important to develop and use a good bullshit detection kit. All religions are bullshit.

17) I have listened to many Christian apologists. How they do pretzel themselves in an effort to make the superstitious and barbaric declarations of the Bible sound like the perfect plan of a perfect being, when they so clearly are not.

I think I will stop now. The above came to me quickly so these are a bit half-assed, but I could likely compose another seventeen.

Of course, most Christians are fine people.

However, some sects fanatically support gun rights, ill-legalizing abortion, xenophobia, white supremacy, conspiracy theories, and somehow, tie it all in with their “faith.” Is it mere coincidence that the god they have imagined believes exactly as they do? I think not.

I do not respect those who use superstitious claims as reason for restricting the rights of others. No Christians should pretend to speak for a god. It adds no weight to any claim. Ever.

I am mostly content, despite the rotten hand we humans have been dealt. I am old now, and have come to terms with it, as best I can.

Universe, when the time is right, please don’t deal me the slow wither. Just burn me out like a light bulb. Flicker, flicker, Adios!
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