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The times of day come alive with nature.

The orange sun rises
As a yellow cloud floats by
The birds sing their lullaby
And the rooster wakes the farmer
The bell for school rings
And the children gather
All the grass is wet with dew
And fog hides the mountains
The crescent moon is still seen
Though it is faint
The neighborhood cat meows
As she begs for food
The clatter of dishes can be heard
And then purring and licking
The dogs bark to the humans
Begging for walks
The stars still glimmer
As they slowly fade
This is morning


The Sun is high
The shadows are slim
While the river flows steadily
The birds gather twigs
Sun rays cast downward
The cats soak it up
A rabbit munches
A vole digs
The flowers sway
As the trees dance
Hats must be worn
To avoid a burn
A heatwave, they say
Be careful, they say
A butterfly pollinates and a bee hums
This is the day


The Sun is setting
The sky is clear
Not a cloud remains
Except for one in the distance
The birds sing good-night
To the newborn chicks
A worm for supper
Then off to the nest
The grass sways
In the warm, soft breeze
While the new flowers
Soak up the moment
The rabbits hide
In their freshly dug holes
The ones that they labored to make
All through the day
The river reflects, and appears to be orange
This is evening


The Sun is set
But the moon has risen
The stars are out
And Mars can be seen
The owls hoot
The frogs croak
While the mice scurry
And the wolves howl
The moon disappeared
For a cloud has come
But the lights emerges again
For the fluffy cloud has passed
This is night
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