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by Sumojo
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Written for the contest “The first chapter.”
The sharp rocks made it almost impossible to find a comfortable space. Abby crouched down behind a limestone boulder, her heart thumped, the sound loud in her ears. She was almost sure he would hear it too, because she’d discovered recently there was nothing she could hide from him. He seemed to know everything she did, thought, or even felt.

The day had stretched out before them, a day of sunshine, romance and fun. The weather forecast was for high temperatures with a cooling light wind. Perfect for a day’s sailing on their tropical honeymoon island.

The wedding had been perfect. Everything she’d ever hoped that special day with that special someone would be.
The sun had shone down on the ‘golden couple,’ as others had described them. She did indeed feel as if that was what they were. Both blonde and blue eyed, looking more like siblings than strangers when they were first introduced. They were attracted to each other as if they had met somewhere before, like moths flying desperately towards the light. .

The courtship had been short, a whirlwind romance. Everyone had said they were, “….made for each other….a match made in heaven.” Abby and Adam felt blessed.

And yet here she was, hiding from her husband on an island far from home. There wasn’t even phone reception here on the island. Adam had stressed that as a positive, he wanted her to himself, he’d told her, with no outside interference. Just the two of them, alone.

Now she knew her husband had a dark side. A part of him he’d managed to keep from her. It had all started the night of their wedding….

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