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If you encounter these signs during phone calls or messages hang up and cut communication!
Dear reader,

There are at least 7 things that most scammers will attempt or do if you let them get far enough. Not all scammers are the same and not all of them will use these 7 steps, but they are signs to watch out for.
The list goes:

1) Scammers will act nice, kind, caring and sweet.
2) Scammers will try to charm and flatter you, make you feel special.
3) Scammers will make themselves seem entirely humble.
4) Scammers will use excuse after excuse and oftentimes repeat themselves.
5) Scammers often try to make you think you are the smart one, when really they know you're the one being played!
6) Scammers only get aggressive when they're close to luring you in with their bait (metaphorical bait).
7) I pray you never get this far, but after they successfully scam you, you never get a message back, or if it's a phone call, they will immediately hang up!

The steps may not always be present, nor are they always in a particular order. Be prepared; don't feel sorry for them; don't believe a word they say if it's too good to be true; never EVER give out your personal info! Thank you for learning and for helping others know the steps scammers use to scam them.


Joseph D. Smith
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