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Observations of the Texas School Tragedy

I will address the tragedy and the farce that played out in Texas the week through this narrative. First and foremost, I think only a disgusting piece of filth would attempt to make political hay out of it. To do so, means your hanging your banner on the backs of dead children, and gaining value from the acts of a psychopathic murderer. That's straight up unabashed pornographic filth. Politics is warfare by other means, I take those people at this point as engaging in terrorism against the state, part of the problem. I am sickened that I have to write this, however it the only appropriate weapon available, and also, perhaps most importantly, the pen in mightier than the sword.

What everyone is supposed to do is bury the dead, tend to the wounded and close ranks. If, you don't understand that, you are part of the problem. If you were never told that, that's also a bigger problem, not yours, but it is your responsibility to grasp that concept in totality.

Close ranks, close.

Tend to the wounded.

Bury the dead.

This is not from a high horse; This is what I was taught at home by Master Gunnery Sergeant Father Sir, my he finally rest in peace, from his ghosts. This is what I learned via my own experiences also. My last deployment over seas happened during the Bosnian War Crimes Investigation. I performed 188 post mortems and collected forensic ballistic evidence. My work, lead to justice being served on the monster that pretend they're human. A few met rope...The world is better place because of it. I'm not better because of it. I chaptered myself thereafter, signed out of my Army Reserve Component and effectively quit. Good choice for me. This was the final nail in my coffin, Regular Army service is, and was, just as monstrously inhumane.

It takes one, to catch one.

I am now fifty-five years old, not thirty-years younger, and what you just read, is the first words I have ever wrote on that particular subject. If you do not learn from me, you will experience. I'll clarify with another story; I'm twenty years old, the results of an Article 32 hearing, standard procedure for when things go bad real fast changed me from Civilian Operations Specialist to Captain von Wahrenberger United States Army. Why? Because I did the next right thing during my first combat deployment. Bluntly, it was a complete disastrous jug-fuck, instead of retrieving an asset, we brought back a nineteen-year-old girl in a body bag. She died as a result of torture by the Stasi, bled out and died ten minutes after a shotgun removed the door and the three monsters in the room. My debriefing came from the mouth of Cpt. Erica...A women that later became a lover, and the surrogate mother for my first wife...She looked me dead in the face and told me about her envy of me. That I did in one day something she wanted, she was waiting for that heroic moment in the sun for at that point, fifteen years. At first, I didn't say anything. When she pried it out of me, she got it.

Woe be unto you.

Try to make political hay off the backs of the wounded and dead in Texas...Woe be unto you. Talk stupid, woe be unto you.

What happened in Texas is the same monstrosity that lurks the battlefield since time immemorial. When one man says to another, do as I say or else, that is warfare. Period. If you can't make the connection, woe be unto you.

The shooter, Ramos is the persona of a monstrous dread evil. At his age, and in his circumstance, I cannot hold him totally responsible. Responsible enough though, that should he be alive, justice would be served by rope. His nick name was the 'School Shooter'. Everyone saw it coming and did absolutely nothing. When you can see evil coming, and do nothing; Woe be unto you.

And it did at a school in Texas.

Point being Ramos came from someplace. He didn't just happen; He didn't wake up one day and an evil spirit possessed him compelling him toward destiny. He was made, polished and finished by the society he lived in. He is the product of his environment not his will. He did not have, nor was given the opportunity, he might never even have realized himself and the world around him. What makes this conclusion hard to swallow is loud mouths that make political hay off the dead.

They get in the way of better. They want to be heroes of the tragedy. That in and of itself, is another tragedy or perhaps even a farce.

It's not the NRA's fault.
It's not the gun's fault.

It's not the gun shop's fault for selling to him.

It's not the Republicans fault.

It's not the Democrats fault.

It's the fault of good people who do nothing in the face of evil. It's the fault of people who would seek to be heroes. Society did not learn from Columbine and woe came unto us in Texas, stopping many places, many times along the way.

People like Ramos may not be at fault, but they are to be blamed. Problems of that level of galloping evil are to be answered in the immediate with rope or a shotgun. The faster evil is stopped, the less evil there is. Hard decision made by hard men that are moral, defeat evil. Half measures will avail us nothing. There is more blame to be passed out...If you blame the wrong people, places and things, woe be unto you.

Ramos was made by us.

From what I'm reading in the mainstream press; We're Hell bent for leather making another Ramos someplace.

We can do better. If we don't more people will die. What's the answer? We cut out the bullshit and grow up. We do what Buddha would do. We do what Gandhi would do. We do what Jesus would do. We do these things because they are the right thing to do. We have the answers, we need to stop asking questions.

We bury the dead.

We tend to the wounded.

We close ranks, close.

Decades ago, the government sent me to a school on Ft. Benning where the lesson those bastards taught play out today in Texas. I barely graduated, because I was too smart for my own good, I'm not by nature a scholarly individual, I liked motorcycles and whiskey more than books then. As part of my graduation thesis, which is buried somewhere in a file cabinet hidden away from the world in a vault owned by the Pentagon you will find these words: If you do not understand the battlefield of the mind, you perish in the valley of the gun.

The answer has been blowing in the wind for five thousand years of recorded history. Shut up and do it.

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