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A Taxing Situation

“I say, you there! Are you who I think you are?”

“And who do you think I am?”

“Are you George Washington?”

“Why yes, yes I am. Thanks for asking.”

“I thought you looked familiar, just like your picture.”

“My picture? Where would you see my picture in this town? I have to say I am a bit lost.”

“Oh, well, here, I have several of your small pictures here, in my wallet, at all times.”

“Curious. I don’t remember posing for that. And what is that paper used for, may I inquire.”

“Well, it’s a dollar bill. It’s money. To tell you the truth, it’s not worth a plug nickel these days, inflation and all. I have to stop drinking coffee at Starbucks now and drink blasted tea at home.”

“I don’t know anything about a star or bucks coffee but curious about the money you now use. That paper is curious. Does it not tear? But let’s talk about the tea. Don’t you pay a tax on that tea to Britain or the East India Company?”

“Um. Well. Let’s see, I pay tax on just about everything I buy. Sales tax on food, on beer and liquor, on clothes, on gasoline, on cars, on houses …”

“Pardon me. Is the King of England once again meddling in the affairs of the colonies? I thought we fought a war to end this meddlesomeness. And what is this gasoline he is now taxing? And what are cars? And taxing beer and liquor as well as homes? This is utter and pure nonsense. We need to once again organize the colonial resistance.”

“Well, sir, Mr. Washington, or should I call you President Washington.”

“George is fine. Kind sir, your name please.”

“Oh, right. Nelson Smith, George. ”

“Very well, Mr. Smith. Now, where are we exactly? I need to organize the troops once more.”

“We are in California. In the United States of America.”

“You don’t say. I don’t know of any California. I guess that crazy Jefferson had his way and went exploring. Thank you for your time, Mr. Smith. I must be going now. Please give my regards to your family. I have much to do with this new taxation problem. Farewell.”

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