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by John
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Fantasy · #2273973
The Old One meets a damaged Young One who becomes his Pupil

Chapter Seven - Discovery


Yes, that is correct. One of you is a traitor to your fellow Elders, the Collective, and me.

The Supreme High One let that information worry them for a bit. He heard all of their inner thoughts and conversations between them.

I hear you. I know who you are. There is no place you can hide. I can read your most closely kept secrets.

All of the Elders were silent now. Who was the traitor? Will the Supreme High One announce who it is or will he just pass judgment and be done with them? How will they know if the chosen Elder is the leak? There have not been any leaks reported, just from the Supreme High One

No, they will stand trial and be judged by me. I will give you one chance to announce yourself or I will wipe your mind and block your ability to connect with the Collective.

The Supreme High One knew they couldn't tell he was bluffing about knowing who the traitor was. He could discover them by searching each mind. He preferred if they would come forward. When he didn't get a response, he made a decision that will affect everyone. It will not be permanent, only a week or so. He drew in the power from the collective and blocked all of the Elder's abilities to contact the Collective.

"What have you done,?" called an Elder named Dyserl.

Elder Lecbp yelled out, "I am not the traitor!"

Elders Gynph, Ynaff, and Msadr voiced their thoughts at the same time, "You said only one would be punished," "How could you do this? I am most loyal to you," "You have condemned all of us to be One with the Planet!"

An Elder by the name of Gnit raised his voice above all others, "Silence! The Supreme High One is aware of your concerns. I am silent, too. I am not questioning his judgment for he knows all and sees all. In time, we will come to understand his wisdom."

He sent a message to the Elders. He is right. I can see all. Even though you are silent, I am not. I am the Supreme High One. I can still read your thoughts and secrets. Without the Collective, you now have no essence to block me. I will peel your mind away just to see your memories, secrets, and true self.

The Elders were silent again. Most of the Elders were now afraid. They have never witnessed the Supreme High One's full power. They then realized he could send anyone of them to One with the Planet. While all defenses were down, he could see into all their minds and thoughts. He reached into each Elder's mind. He finally found the traitor. He also found a disturbing fact. She was not alone in her deceit. The was another.

"What say you, Merkil? Or you, Demaney? Koht, is there anything you wish to admit? None of you?" the Supreme High One asked."

He felt the fear of the two traitors, Ingeous and Sirois.

"The traitors, yes, there are two of you. You have one last chance. If you do not come forward, I will turn the Smell of Silence crystal on you both."

The Supreme High One brought out the Smell of Silence crystal and activated it. He began to increase the intensity of the power.

Neither Ingeous nor Sirois came forward. He knew they would not.

The Supreme High One aimed the crystal into the air and discharged it. The power was magnificent. The power of the crystal showed so brightly, that the Elders had to shade their eyes.

The Supreme High One sent a message to Ingeous and Sirois.

As neither of you came forward, pay the price, " declared the Supreme High One.

Twin beams of powerful light came from the Smell of Silence crystal. The beam shot into the air and then divided into two separate shafts of power. Before Ingeous and Sirois could move, each shaft of power slammed into them.

All was silent. The Elders could not have imagined the Supreme High One could have done that. Everyone could see the separate piles of ash.

Elder Gnit spoke, "Your judgment was final. You provided an opportunity for the traitor to come forward, but they chose not to admit their guilt. You gave them another chance and yet they still ignored you. You again gave them one last chance. Again, they ignored you. Judgment was swift and final. We are truly blessed to have one such as you, Supreme High One."

"All praise the Supreme High One!" shouted Gnit.



The Old One was through with his tutoring until right after his next visit to the liquid eterinite pond for refreshing his essence. He was, of course, ready for the next pupil. He had some free time so he decided to join the Collective to gain information regarding the Supreme High One's fate.

The Old One joins the Collective and begins hearing many people sending messages to others. He kept his attention on the messages. He was looking for anyone referring to the Supreme High One, time anomalies, or Elders.

He heard many conversations regarding the Elders. There weren't accusations or distressed feelings; more like simple gossip. From what he heard, the Elders were the topic of choice.

He heard the Elders have enormous power, more than the Supreme High One could even imagine. They are keeping it a secret so people do not get nervous around them.

Do you know that the Supreme High One sacrificed himself when the three-headed monster came through a magic area in the air? There was a fierce battle between the two. After the beast bit the Supreme High One, a great light was seen coming out of thin air that caused a horrific explosion, killing the beast and the Supreme High One.

What?. The Old One wanted to hear more.

A great light out of thin air? The window? Someone had either remembered the light or had heard about that day. This was an excellent lead.

He immediately focused on the speaker. He found her instantly. Her name is Tay. She was young, only five hundred cycles. He began to search her memory regarding the window, explosion, and himself. He had an idea to get the information from her directly. He would become an inner voice of the lost Supreme High One. He would need to bring his barriers up to prevent her from looking too deeply.

Tay, why did you call me from my rest? It is not time for me to leave One with the Planet. Has a new Supreme High One been created? If you are not true to me, I shall bring you with me when I return to One with the Planet. Speak!

The Supreme High One? Who are you? Puclss, is that you? Very funny.

I am who you called, the Supreme High One. Have you news as I spoke of?

Now stop. I know this isn't the Supreme High One. He has been gone for over nine hundred cycles. What proof do you have?

Proof? Do you demand proof? Very well. I will delve deep into your memories, something, not even an Elder can do.

I have one. You are joined with Weth. You have been with five different Hydranousians. When meeting someone new, you claim to have never been joined. Do you need more proof?

No! How did you know? I have never told anyone.

I know all, see all. You are transparent to me. Now give me the information I requested.

No, there hasn't been a Supreme High One since the other died in an explosion over nine hundred ago.

Who told you how I perished? There was no beast.

One of my tutors told me when I was a Young One. The Old One said he was there when it happened. He said the explosion was so bad, that hundreds of Hydranousians became One with the Planet.

Who were they? Your Old One, if he was there, must have known some of them. He surely was connected to them. What of the explosion you mentioned? How did it happen?

The Old One never told me. He just said a beast with three heads bit you and then the explosion occurred.

That is not how I became One with the Planet.

Where is your tutor now? Where were you when you discussed this with him?

Last I heard he was at a village in the area of Glok-Glok sands. I am from a village near Glok-Glok sands, near Lewr and the River of liquid eterinite. My village was within sight of the liquid eterinite, many remember him in my village and can tell you more. If I may ask, how would you get there?

I am the wind that destroys, the liquid eterinite that sends the unwary to become One with the Planet, I am the Supreme High One.

Tay was very afraid. Her only defenses wavered and then collapsed. Was she weeping?

Please Supreme High One, I am so sorry I talked about you. I will never do so again, Please forgive me. I can become your tool, your Prophet?

I need no such thing. You are forgiven.

Thank you Supreme High One, thank you! Supreme High One?

The Old One closed off direct communication with Tay. He then went to her subconscious and began to remove the conversation and all knowledge of her story. For good measure, he put in the fear of ever talking about the Supreme High One.

After the Old One had walked to places unknown, he had passed through many roads, villages, and cities. He remembers the Lewr and the Glok-Glok sands. It would take half a cycle to get there. He began at once.



After the incident with Elders, Ingeous, and Sirois, the Supreme High One wanted to shore up his Elders so nothing like this would happen again. He knew physical intimidation could only go so far, that is why he loathed to use it. He preferred using their minds to resolve the issue. Realizing he could not be watching them constantly, he had to figure out what else he could do to prevent a repeat of Ingeous and Sirois.

He went to the closest city and took lodging. He did not have to wear a disguise as this city only knew of him and followed him. Even with his new color, most have never seen the Supreme high One, and if they have seen him, it was from a distance. Because he looked and acted like an Old One, he kept up the ruse. By doing so, he was in demand constantly. He turned down all offers. He advised them he was on a pilgrimage to find his Center. All but one person wished him well. The other was baffled how he could choose to walk around when staying in one area would be beneficial.

When at rest, the Supreme High One would mentally check on the Elders. They did not feel his presence because of masking his identity. He would, though, provide a subconscious mental picture of the day he sent Ingeous and Sirois to be One with the Planet. This way, when he spoke, it would send an unknown fear among the Elders.

The Supreme High One would, on occasion, enter one or two Elders' minds and examine their hidden thoughts, agendas, and recent activities. He wanted to make sure they were obeying his laws and see if they are open to the Hydranousians asking their questions and requesting a boon.

During his travels, he would spend time thinking about the window, the explosion, and the place the color of One with the Planet. It has been cycles since he attempted to go back. The last time he went, it moved him 300 cycles into the future. The next time he could be sent to the past or become One with the Planet. This made him very reluctant to try again.

Supreme High One, can you hear me It is I, Sopite, your faithful servant.

Yes, Sopite, I can hear you. What has happened to have you contact me?

Two Elders have been struck down by an unknown assailant. Both are One with the Planet. It was not a mental attack, they used flying crystals with a black crystal tip. It happened while they were Out of Phase. No one there remembers what happened. I have requested a mind sweep to determine if that was true.

The assailant. was undetected? Who was guarding the Elders while Out of Phase?

Two guards. They were found One with the Planet as well. The other Elders completed a search for the assailant's essence, but could not find any clue.

How did you find out about this if you are not an Elder?

I am a Scibe for the Elders. Since I Scribe for four Elders, two of the four are now One with the Planet.

I did not feel their essence being drained. Nor did I hear the Final Scream of their mortality. Whoever did this, knew of the Elder's barriers and the full power of the Collective. Do you know if these two were specially chosen or random? asked the Supreme High One?

We do not know. Speculation is they were chosen because they were Out of Phase, lightly guarded, and had minimum defenses.

This is an affront to the Elders and to me. This will not go unpunished. I am two cycles from you. I will begin my mental investigation, In the meantime, increase the guards, triple up the guards for the Out of Phase Elders, and finally, advise the other Elders to strengthen their barriers from physical and mental attacks.

Anything else Supreme High One? queried Sopite?

I am in the middle of something very important to all Hydranousians. I will return as soon as I can. Have the Elders contact me daily regarding their Status.



After walking and exploring as he went, the Old One arrived at Glok-Glok sands and Lewr. They were as he remembered.

He walked to the gate of Lewr. As he approached a guard addressed him. Hold, stranger. You are entering the providence of Lewr. State your business.

I am an Old One. I have been traveling for about three cycles for my pilgrimage. I followed the path and came upon this village. I would like to rest, refresh my essence, and find another Old One said to be here.

The guard stated, Hold while I discuss your admittance with a superior."

The Old One stretched his awareness to the guard and superior.

There is an Old One at the gate. He states he is on a pilgrimage. He stated he was wanting to speak with another Old One said to be here, he would like to refresh his essence and rest.

Did he provide a time frame for how long he will be here?

No, he did not. I did not ask him that question. Forgive my error in not asking him a simple question.

No need to apologize. You are new to this post. Take this as a lesson.
es sir. Thank you, sir.

Allow the Old One to enter. However, keep track of him, where he goes, and who he talks with.

Yes sir. Thank you, sir, the guard goes back to the gate and speaks to the Old One.

You have been given the privilege of entering our town. Be diligent about where you go and what you do. Be aware of your surroundings and remember where you've been and where you want to go.

I thank you for your information, Replied the Old One. Could you tell me where the Old Ones live?

I know all of the current Old Ones. Please tell me what they look like. Describe in as much detail you can provide remarked the Guard.

Certainly. He has different colored eyes. He is a little shorter than I am, and his hair and beard are the color of One with the Planet. He has broad shoulders.

Oh, him. I do know who you are talking about. He is currently Out of Phase. That building is down that road. When you come to the second bridge, turn left and walk till you get to the Retreat.

May you be blessed for your kindness and assistance.

The Old One began to walk down the road. He sensed he was being watched by someone in hiding. He bolstered his barrier and closed his power and essence. He used the Collective to replenish his essence in case He would need it.

He zoomed in on the one watching him. He felt their curiosity and reason why he was there?

You can come out now. I know you have been watching me. What do you want? I have no exchange. Please come out so we may meet. called the Old One.

A Young One came out of the dark building and came up to the Old One. Thank you for coming out to meet me. I am called the Old One. I am new to this town. You appear to be knowledgeable regarding the town could you walk with me so I don't get lost

Instead of talking, she nodded soberly.

Thank you. What may I call you?

She replied very quietly, Jaz.

Well met, Jaz, the Old One said politely, Would you like to get started?

She nodded again.

Jaz, it is alright if you talk with me. I won't get upset. or scold you for talking, he offered. I bet you have a pretty voice. Can you talk to me, please?

Jaz looked at the Old One pensively.

The Old One used the Collective to assist with his plan.

Hello Jaz.

The little girl looked around for the voice she heard. After she saw no one was around, she looked at the Old Man.

Yes, it was me who talked with you. Nobody can listen or interrupt you when talking. I am a Tutor. Have you started being with a tutor?

I can hear you now. I don't have to guess what you are saying to me. I heard you!

That's great Jaz. I am sorry I didn't know you were partially deaf. I would have tried this earlier."

That's o.k. What were you saying a little bit ago?

I asked if you could walk with me because I don't know this town. Now that we can talk, we can talk so no one hears us.

Oh, yes. I know this place. If you need to have something to eat, a baker further down the road will give all us kids on the street a loaf of wheat bread to eat. I get a little loaf because I can not eat as much as bigger people.

That sounds like a nice person. Are there other places you eat?

No. People don't like helping us. I don't know why.

Well, when I eat, you'll eat. Deal?

Oh, yes. It's a deal! Jaz said enthusiastically.

. Let's get going. If you need to talk with me, just start talking

How far is it to the other Old Ones?

It will be a bit. Not a long time, though.

How about I tell you a story as we walk?

You will? I have never heard a story before. I have seen picture scripts. No one has told me a story, though.

Then we will get started and I will tell the story.

There once was a man named Sazt who loved to help people. He would do any odd job that needed to be done. He helped them so much, that the people would be angry if he ever got sick because then nothing would get done, Now, for all the help Pokl did, he seldom received any money or goods for what he did. Sometimes this upset him because he needed to eat. However, Sazt loved helping people so much, that he didn't mind getting paid.

Then something happened that would change everything.

What do you think happened, to Sazt?

I don't know. Did something happen to Sazt? Maybe he got hurt?

That was a good guess, and I liked your question, said the Old One.

One day as Sazt was working in an orchard picking Lien sticks he noticed a new neighbor walking down the road. I was a female.

Jaz asked, Why was she walking down their road?

I think she wanted to meet Sazt. Maybe she had work for him to do, replied the Old One.

When the girl came to where Sazt was standing on the other side of the fence, she introduced herself. 'Hello, my name is Pokl. What's your name?'

My name is Sazt. A pleasure to meet you.

My, you are such a polite young man. Gesturing around the houses nearby, Do you work for all these people?

Oh, Hydranous no. I work for only nine of them.

Nine? that's a lot of work. At least you get paid a lot.

No, they don't pay me. I do it all for free. Oh, I've asked them for pay, especially for the harder jobs, but they never do pay me.

. Why Sazt, they are taking advantage of your goodwill. When is the last time you had a good home-cooked meal?

Let me think a minute. As Sazt was thinking, Pokl was looking at him. She decided he was a handsome, hard-working young man. However, he hasn't noticed her.

Well, the meal sounds like heaven. Do you need help making it?

No Sazt, this is for you. You can't help me. But, you can come early and talk to me while I make it.

That would be great. You're so easy to talk to. Not like the other girls I know. They never talk to me. They say I talk funny.

Well, I don't think so. You sound perfectly normal. I believe it is almost time to eat. I need to get back home and start making supper. You go clean up and come over.

Sazt went right home, changed, and then walked to Pokl's house. Using her directions, Sazt made it there in time. He knocked on the door.

When the door opened, Pokl answered it. Sazt didn't know what she did, but she was beautiful. Prettier than all the others he had seen, and he told her so.

I have never seen a girl prettier than you. You're beautiful.

Thank you very much, Sazt. You are very handsome

Nah, I'm not. You're being nice. No one has called me handsome. Except you.

Have you seen yourself in a mirror? Ever notice you are more muscular than others your age? Or the girls may be looking at you, but are afraid to talk with you because they don't want to be rejected.

Why are you saying all these nice things to me? No one has given me a second look except the people I work for. And now you.

Because I like you. I have liked you for years, but have been afraid to tell you. I moved into this house to be closer to you.

I don't know what to say. I have liked you too, but been afraid to talk with you because I didn't feel worthy of you.

You are worthy. I am worthy. I love you, Sazt.

I have loved you since the first time I saw you, Pokl.

So what do we do now?

We become bound and live happily ever after.

And they did.

The moral of the story is everyone has worth to someone. They will help you see your worth in yourself.

Jaz clapped her hands in pleasure, That was a wonderful story.

I am glad you liked it, the Old One said.

As they continued, Jaz asked a question.

Can I be tutored? I haven't had any tutoring before and I am on my own so I have no money? Is that important?

Money is not important to me. How old are you


I don't know. I don't remember too much of my life elsewhere

May I look at your memory? It will not hurt and you won't even know I am there.

It won't hurt? Jaz asked.

I promise it won't hurt.

O.K. I'll close my eyes because I don't want to watch.

The Old One began looking into Jaz's memory and her subconscious to determine what happened. As he was looking, he saw how she went deaf. As a newly unattached Young One, she began exploring her surroundings. She met some more mature Young Ones. The Old One became shocked and appalled by what he saw.

The older Young Ones began pushing and hurting Jaz. It went so far that they performed psychic screams over and over in her head. When Jaz screamed in pain, the Yong Ones left, leaving her to bleed and cry.

The Old Ones skips ahead and sees an older Jaz/ Young One, she is already in the street begging for food or money. She didn't hear people talking to her or warnings. On more than one occasion she was knocked down and hurt. No one came to her rescue.

When he met her earlier, Jaz was very upset and wanted to be One with the Planet.

The Old One decided he was going to do something for her. He opens a wider opening to the Collective. With the extra power and essence. he brought focus to her hearing loss. He immediately saw what happened. Each receptor zone was damaged by the psychic screams to the point where only very loud noises could be heard. Through her memory, he got the names of the guilty ones. He went back to her receptor zones and began to repair the old damage. Due to the age of the wounds, repairing them took time. He noticed Jaz was getting tired, He took off the shawl he was wearing and made a small bed for her to sleep on.

There. He was done repairing the receptor zone and they were working as they should. He went back to her memory and took the worst memories out. He then repaired that too. It was in short order he had made her whole again.

When Jaz woke up, she was startled by her newfound hearing. She looked everywhere, finding a new sound, She was beyond thrilled. She knew the Old One did something but didn't know what. Right at this time, she did not care. When she was becoming more accustomed to sound, she went over to the Old One and gave him the hardest hug Jaz could give. While hugging him, she began to cry.

He spoke softly so as not to startle her, What is wrong Young One?

Nothing is wrong. I am just very happy. I feel lighter than before. When you healed my hearing, I think it makes me happy. Now when I am back on the street, I will hear where the free food or shelter is at, Thank you so much!

You need to find a tutor. You are missing out on your training for Adulthood. Said the Old One

Where do I find a tutor? Do I need money to go? Who is a good tutor, I don't want a mean one.

The Old One began, You need a tutor and I need a pupil. The average time it takes for a pupil to finish coincides with their creation date. Because we don't know yours, we will follow the cycles. Training takes approximately a cycle. It is an intense time in your development and education. My job is to get you on your feet and ready for your creation date anniversary. Yours will be on the date we begin your cycle training. Your part is that you study hard, and do as I say.

Here's the deal: I will tutor you for one cycle. This will help you learn about your race, the society, the hierarchy of skills, and the use of your powers when the become and travel with me we can work on you for a cycle.

The Old One waited for a couple of minutes for everything to sink in.

Do we have a deal? he asked.

"Deal. I do have one question, though."

"What is it," he asked.

"What shall I call you? The Old One or the Supreme High One?"

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