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Overpopulation is a big problem for a whole lot of planets. This is one solution to it.

Wultian One to Fifteen

     “The Death of everyone on Wultian is going to happen in about five years if we don’t do something about our overpopulation problem,” says the male side of Madim-Kinna. “But we who are from the Expert Region have a way to solve this problem.”

     Kinna-Madim steps back to the side of the image behind them on a large monitor so that the fifteen Leaders of Wultian can see it. Nine of the fifteen Leaders have been staring at it from around Madim-Kinna as they are talking to them. The other six have been listening to what Kinna-Madim has to say to them. Now they are looking at this image too.

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     “We have the way to Re-Create Wultian on the other fourteen planets in our Group of Planets,” says Kinna-Madim. “And we can do it in four years. That gives us one year to start populating them. All we need is your approval so that we can start doing it.”

     “What do you need to start this attempt to save us from starvation, thirst, and eventual death?” Asks the female side of Barrina-Yanus. The Wultians with the light blue skin from the Space Exploration Region.

     “It will take us three StarCrafts and about a billion Wultians to do it,” answers Madim-Kinna. “But that can help us with our overpopulation problem. By saving us this way, it will add another year to our solving it. Maybe even two more years to it.”

     The fifteen Leaders of Wultian start talking softly to each other while sitting behind a half-moon table. Each one directed their concerns, thoughts, and concerns to the darkish red Wultian in the middle of the fifteen Leaders. It’s this Wultian from the Food Distribution Region who speaks next. “Do you really think that this is our best chance to solve our overpopulation problem?”

     “We think this is our only way to save us,” says Kinna-Madim. “In fact, we are sure that it is.”

     Demmi-Roddim looks at the seven other Leaders on each side of her. Then she returns to looking at Madim-Kinna. “Three StarCrafts and a billion Wultians. That will be a lot of flat gems. Do you really think this is our only chance to stop our overpopulation problem?”

     “It’s not as bad as it sounds,” says Kinna-Madim. “We already have the StarCrafts. All we need are a billion Wultians. And I don’t think that will be a problem.”

     “Not with the overpopulation like it is,” continues Madim-Kinna. “We don’t think we will have any problems getting the Wultians we need to solve this problem.”

     The fifteen Leaders start talking softly to each other again. After a few minutes, they stop. Roddim-Demmi has been getting a lot of comments, thoughts, and concerns from the other Leaders. Once he puts up his hands to stop them from speaking, Roddim-Demmi turns to face Kinna-Madim.

     “It’s not that we don’t want to give you the Flat Gems you need,” says Roddim-Demmi. “But we still have a lot of concerns about whether this is the way we can solve our overpopulation problems.”

     “We have checked out several other possible ways,” says Kinna-Madim. “And we believe this is our best chance to do it.”

     The Leaders start talking to each other again. But Madim-Kinna isn’t finished talking to them. “We understand your concerns,” says Madim-Kinna. “And we will answer any that you have.”

     Kinna-Madim looks at the other nine representatives from the Expert Region behind her before she starts talking to the Leaders again. “We thought we covered all the possible concerns you may have with the Approval Data we sent you a few weeks ago. But we may be wrong about this.”

     “You did get our Approval Data,” asks Madim-Kinna. “Didn’t you?”

     “We got it,” answers Demmi-Roddim. “But we still have a lot of concerns about it.”

     Yanus-Barrina stands up to be heard clearly by his low voice. “We have already talked about your Approval Data a little bit. And there is one big concern we have above all of our other ones.”

     “It’s true, we haven’t been to any of these planets yet,” says Barrina-Yanus. “But we have sent Data Gathers to them. Including the six planets, we can’t live on right now. And we haven’t seen any signs they are inhabited.”

     “That doesn’t mean they aren’t already inhabited,” says Yanus-Barrina. “If any of them are populated, what will happen to them if we re-create these planets?”

     Statonia-Grayov steps up to stand beside Madim-Kinna. “I am in control of our re-creation. And I’m the best one to answer this concern.”

     “We have been checking out the Data Gathering you have done on these planets too,” says Grayov-Statonia. “And we have gone beyond this gathering. What we have found is that none of these planets don’t have any population on them. Five used to be inhabited. But they don’t have any anymore. And they haven’t in a very long time.”

     “As for your concern,” says Statonia-Grayov. “If there is any life on these planets it will be destroyed after we re-create Wultian.”

Roddim-Demmi stands up too. “Then our decision has been decided. There is only one decision we can make now.”

     “We can’t approve this solution if there is any chance that any of these planets may still be inhabited,” says Demmi-Roddim. The other thirteen Leaders also stand up. They all start to leave this large room.


     Madim-Kinna and Grayov-Statonia look at each other. But it’s Madim-Kinna who shouts to the leaving Leaders. “IF WE DON’T DO THIS, THEN WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? AFTER ALL, THERE ARE ONLY ABOUT FIVE MORE BEFORE ALL OF US ARE DEAD.”


     The Leaders return to where they have been sitting. “You aren’t the only ones who have been trying to solve our overpopulation problem,” says Roddim-Demmi. “We have been listening to several million Wultians over the last couple of months.”

     “We haven’t approved any of them yet,” says Demmi-Roddim. “But there are quite a few we may approve very soon. Just haven’t decided which one we are going to approve yet.”

     “One of those Wultians is from our region,” says Barrina-Yanus. “We have over a hundred StarCrafts. And we can use all of them to solve our overpopulation problem.”

     Yanus-Barrina stands up. “Each StarCraft can hold five million Wultians.”

     “There are two ways we can solve our problem,” says Barrina-Yanus. “One is to start exploring the universe. Trying to find another planet that some of us can live on. The other one is to stay around Wultian.”

     “What other solutions have you come up with regarding our overpopulation problem?” Madim-Kinna asks. “Because neither one of these are a solution to it.”

     Statonia-Grayov returns to standing behind Kinna-Madim with the other eight from the Expert Region. “We agree we should start exploring the universe. But we can’t do it to solve our overpopulation problem.”

     “How long will it take to find this other planet?” Madim-Kinna asks. “If it takes longer than a year or two, we won’t have the time to check it out. Let alone get any Wultians there to populate it.”

     “Besides, if we do find one to populate within our five-year limitations, we won’t be Wultians anymore. We will be from Wultian,” says Kinna-Madim.

     Madim-Kinna turns and gestures toward the image behind them. “This is the only way we can solve our overpopulation problem and remain Wultians.”

     “You must approval our solution,” says Kinna-Madim. “So, that we can continue being Wultians.

     “We don’t have to approve anything we don’t want to approve,” says Veccin-Polline. “You’re not the Leaders of the Expert Region, I am.”

     Madim-Kinna looks at the other Wultians behind him. Then he looks only at Polline-Veccin. “We know you are our representative among the Leaders. You know we are right about the solution to our problem.”

     “What have you done to help us get the Flat Gems we need?” Kinna-Madim asks.

     “We have been trying to talk the other Leaders into giving you the approval you need,” says Veccin-Polline. “But the possible inhabited concern keeps coming up. If you can solve that concern, the other Leaders will agree to your solution.”

     Madim-Kinna turns toward the other nine Wultians from the Expert Region. They talk softly with each other for several minutes. Then Kinna-Madim returns to looking at the Leaders. “As we have said before, we have also checked out the other fourteen planets in our Group of Planets too. And we haven’t seen or found anything that says any of them are inhabited,” says Madim-Kinna.

     “It hasn’t been just the surface areas or the water,” says Kinna-Madim. “Not a few miles below these areas either. We have gone to the center of these planets. And we haven’t found anything.”

     “That’s why we are so sure that we can use re-creation on these planets,” continues Madim-Kinna. “We can solve our overpopulation problem by re-creating these planets.”

     Roddim-Demmi looks at each one of the other Leaders there one after another. Everyone nods their heads once. “We have gone over your Approval Data several times. And we agree with you on most of it. But what about the four planets that used to have life on them?”

     “We have GraveDiggers on all of these planets,” says Demmi-Roddim. “What will happen to them and what they are doing if we use re-creation on them too?”

     “What is more important to us,” answers Kinna-Madim? “Finding all that we can about these planets or solving our overpopulation problem.”

     The fifteen Leaders start talking to each other again. It’s Yanus-Barrina who speaks to Madim-Kinna first. “You mentioned earlier that you disagreed with both of our solutions to this problem.”

     “You commented on our exploring the universe. But you didn’t on the other one,” continues Barrina-Yanus. “Why do you disagree with that one?”

     “Because it won’t solve our overpopulation problem,” says Kinna-Madim. “Five hundred million Wultians is a good start. But it’s not enough to solve this problem.”

     Yanus-Barrina half-smiles. “You are correct. Five hundred million won’t solve it. But five hundred more StarCrafts will. And we can create at least that many within the five years we have left.”

     “Our decision has been decided,” says Roddim-Demmi. “We liked your Approval Data and you backing it up today. But we have decided to go with the Approval Data from the space exploration region.”

     “That is a very big mistake,” says Madim-Kinna. “It may solve our problem for about another fifty or sixty years. But it’s not a permanent solution.”

     Grayov-Statonia steps up beside Kinna-Madim again. “What about the sun? With so many StarCrafts around us, the sun won’t get through.”

     “We have solved this problem too,” answers Barrina-Yanus. “Angling our StarCrafts slightly will let all of the sun we need get to Wultian. It may even get more of our sun to us.”

     “Is this your final decision?” Madim-Kinna asks.

     Demmi-Roddim looks at the other fourteen Leaders one after another. All but five barely nod their heads once. “It is.”

     “We disagree with this decision,” says Kinna-Madim. “But there is nothing we can do about it.”

     Madim-Kinna and the other nine Expert Region Wultains start to head for the nearest entrance into this large room. But as they do, Kinna-Madim turns her head toward the Leaders. “It won’t be easy for us to do it without your approval,” says Madim-Kinna.

     “It can be done, though. We just hope that we can do it within five years,” says Kinna-Madim.

The Word Count is 1,912

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