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A journal entry of interest in a historian's records
...the massive beast reached the High Tower at midnight.

The Tower had been hidden within the Forest Beyond, and of course the elves were secure in the false knowledge that the Outer Wall, ringing the huge woods, would keep out any intruders. They were wrong for the first time in history, so of course I dutifully recorded the event.

The beast had been attacking nearby settlements. It is actually bigger than an Irtenen reno, but the villagers, in confusion and panic, described the animal with such exaggeration that it became the size of the Chalgar. It is for this reason precisely that I was appointed by History to record such Events.

For the sake of future readers, I am the Preserver. It is my duty to record and preserve in writing everything in my particular dimension. There are others for other dimensions, of course, but there is only one of me. I possess the unique ability to see everything happening in my section of reality. The other Preservers have to actually travel their dimensions to record history.

The beast has spotted the High Tower and is now attacking it. A band of elves seem to be trying to fend it off with spears and arrows. Useless, of course. The beast may not be as big as the Chalgar, but it is twice as mean, and appears to be quite capable. It has large claws and a huge maw filled with vicious teeth.

The Chalgar, for those of you not omniscient, is the ruler of this planet. It is unknown what it is. Even I do not know, as it is encased armor that hides its surface, and has always been so. It is only known that it is humanoid in shape, and that it is big. It is almost as large as the High Tower, which is over five detra high. It is quite well armed, with much weaponry. It has five...guns for lack of a better word. One is a gatling laser, which repeatedly holes anything it is fired at. The rest are only atocans. I do believe it also has a merge bomb, a highly dangerous but effective explosive which alters atoms themselves.

The Chalgar is plunging through the forest, looking for the beast, and strangely enough seems to have been ready for this. Could it have known in advance that this attack was coming?

Ah, the beast has finally realized it is being attacked and killed the elves. More will come, of course, but will they be in time? We shall see. I highly doubt they could do anything even if they do.

Why was the beast attracted to the High Tower? Looking at its trail of destruction it is obvious now that its path was almost a direct line to the Tower. It is not the biggest structure in the land, nor the most heated...oh I see. The crystal.

The High Tower is made of a special crystal that is found only here in the Forest Beyond, and only the elves know how to work it. I think that...yes, my notes indicate this is the only source of this crystal left. The beast was attracted to the crystal. I'm only speculating this, of course, but I feel confident about my hypothesis since the beast looks like it's trying to eat the Tower.

The Chalgar has found the trail and is closing. Fool. Doesn't it realize the danger that it's in? Even with those weapons, the beast can destroy it. Even now it has ripped a piece of Tower off.

The Chalgar has stopped and is assessing its opponent. Likewise, the beast has left off eating to stare at the Chalgar. I imagine it's deciding whether this is worth the trouble. Apparently it has decided so, for the beast leaps into the air, slashing at the Chalgar. But the Chalgar dodged to the side with an ease that surprises even me. I had assumed that the unwieldy bulky armor and its size would slow it down. It is disconcerting to see that even I can be wrong.

In case anybody reading this should jump to mistaken conclusions, I am not in a position to judge what the Chalgar can do, because this is the first time since I have been here that the Chalgar has ever participated in a battle. It's only other encounters with invaders involved posturing and threats which seemed to work coming from an armored figure over three
Terran miles high wearing massive cannons.

The beast reacts to the move quickly, spinning around on landing and flying out to the Chalgar again. This time the Chalgar stands its ground, but before the beast's claws can reach it, the Chalgar fires its laser. The beast is blown back. It is wounded, heavily wounded. Blood is dripping from its chest area. It is still getting up, however, slowly but steadily climbing to its feet. I admire its spirit...but what is this! The wounds are closing, even as I peer closer. This is highly unusual. Very interesting. I must record this separately in a footnote; "Beast can regenerate." I must find a name for this creature soon.

The Chalgar has paused in its advance. So it too saw the healing. It should be more cautious, now.

What is the Chalgar doing? It is releasing the holds on the merge bomb embedded in its chest. Can it really believe that the beast will stand still for that? The merge bomb requires a full quat to initiate the charge. The beast will have more than enough time to move out of the way.

But the beast does not move, even when the Chalgar activates the bomb and throws it at the beast's feet. It is a shame, for I was starting to respect the creature. The bomb goes off with a blinding flash, and the beast is atomized into the nearest tree, forever part of its structure...

Or not! The beast is coming out of the tree, it's shape rearranging itself to normal! How can this be? I....do not understand. It must not be from this dimension, for I do not know of it. This beast is more powerful than I had anticipated. Indeed, the Chalgar has finally realized this as well and is retreating. Too late, for the beast looks as if it is enraged. It launches itself at the Chalgar, claws flailing. The Chalgar brings up an atocan...too late, for the beast's metallic claws slice effortlessly through the armor. As the Chalgar falls back, I see that the mass beneath is rent and ragged with blood. The Chalgar drops to the ground and its helmet falls off. It's a Terran! All this time the people of Rhout have been under the rule of a Terran.

The beast followed the Chalgar (Terran) down and is still ripping at its (his) insides. The Terran never hesitates as he brings an atocan up and presses it against the beast's gut. He squeezes the trigger.

The beast is blown back in pieces, its upper torso landing several ruda away from its lower torso. But firing the atocan at such close quarters would have killed them both. And indeed, even as I watch, the light of life flickers and dies in the eyes of the Terran. A Terran, here, in this section of reality? Who knows who he was, and how he came to be here? I will have to ask my predecessor. I am still bewildered by this revelation.

The beast is struggling to stay alive, but the damage is too severe for even it to regenerate. And it would not matter, for the elf reinforcements have arrived and are successfully doing what the merge bomb could not accomplish. It is truly over now.

The High Tower has suffered much damage. But then, so have the Rhoutans. They must find a new leader, a new warrior to safeguard their way of life. And undoubtedly they will make sure it is Rhoutan this time. They are gazing sadly at the corpse of the Terran as I turn back to my notes. This was a truly noteworthy Event in the annuls of Time, and History will be pleased with my expert recordkeeping of such an occurrence. Maybe I will be allowed to keep a record of a more populous dimension...

...a dragon approaches the plains of Pult. I would probably hazard the time to be evening...

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