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We are Nemo

Yesterday, on my walk around the block at noon, I came across a curious sight. An unknown person sat near the bench under that linden tree across from the abandoned house.

Now this person, was it man or woman? Who could tell with its disheveled appearance and its pungent smell. So I will use the pronoun it. Seems like an impersonal term, but I couldn’t tell if this was indeed a person.

What got my attention was the coruscating blanket. Where in the world would someone that was so obviously uncaring in their appearance get a blanket such as this?

The blanket sparkled in the mottled shade of the tree. And at regular intervals, it flashed. There was no cord. Was it battery-powered? Solar-powered? Seems that a blanket powered as such would be costly. So how did that blanket flash and sparkle?

As I approached this entity cautiously, it seemed disconsolate. So much so that I wasn’t really willing give it some timeworn platitude. One such as, ‘God be with you', or ‘I’ll pray for you,’ or ‘Who cares what other people say'. I knelt down to get a better look. A multitude of eyes looked back. I was taken aback, as it were. Jumping up, I let out a little shriek.

“Holy cow. What in the world are you?”

“We are an emissary from the planet Xenon and here to garner support for our planet which is little known by the rest of the known universe. We thought, at first, perhaps being incognito under this guise would help us to gauge the impact this image presented and would give us a chance to decide how to proceed.”

I thought, ‘What elegant speech for an alien being.’ But while the sparkling flashing blanket with the multiple eyes spoke to me I became mesmerized, unable to speak or move. But once it stopped making sounds, I understood what it had said. Had it actually spoken to me? Once I got over that shock, I was able to speak.

“Well, you know, you see, that humans, that is what I am, you’re on earth and we humans, well..”

Some people walked by. Curious glances came my way, and whisps of a conversation sailed by on a breeze.

“Are you telling me I am on earth?” The sparkling flashing blanket began to hover in mid-air. Again, had they spoken to me? Or were they penetrating my mind…

“Yes, yes you are. You’re in Iowa. Downtown Parnell. Population 245. You picked quite a tiny place to make an impact.”

Sparkling flashing blanket came back to the ground. Those eyes found my eyes, laser-like beams shot out.

“Our methods are not your methods.”

“Well, alrighty then.” I thought for a few moments. “What can I do to make your stay here on earth, in Iowa, more enjoyable?”

“You will make us more like you. We need to blend in. Be less noticeable.”

“You could start by losing that blanket. How many of you are there?”

Poof! The magical cover disappeared, then one giant non-person, sort of tree-like, with eyes all up and down its ten foot length, stood before me.

I had no words for a few moments. A dog ran down the street, tail between its legs. A cat hissed, then ran under my car. Even birds in the trees nearby flew away.

“We are one, we are many, we are none. You can call us Nemo.” Stated the tree-like being in front of me.

‘Well, Nemo, I think we have some work to do if you want to blend in.’ I thought to them.

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The highlighted prompt words and their meanings:
Coruscating - flashing, sparkling or severely critical, scathing
Disconsolate - without consolation or comfort; unhappy.
Disheveled - (of a person's hair, clothes, or appearance) untidy; disordered.
Platitude - a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful
Pungent - having a sharp and caustic quality.

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