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How fast is too fast. . .?
What happens when your life is sped up? Unannounced, at that. When you're usually a person who likes to take things slow, how do you adjust to the fast-paced lifestyle of one that you've simultaneously tried to prevent, but inadvertently created for yourself? Do you roll with the punches as they come, adjusting to each and every situation as they come about, making sure to keep your vision for your life clear, adjusting to fame, making sure your friends still have your love and support, adjusting. . .

If life is all about relationships, or adjusting to relationships, or playing some kind of game if you believe in simulation theory. . .is the best option to sit back and let life happen to you, while you adjust to it? Or, do you press life with the same force that it presses down upon you with? How do you adjust. Sometimes you have to reinvent yourself. You get older, you learn more, go through experiences that change your outlook on life; most times for the better, sometimes for the lesson. You have a chance every day, and a choice, to leave your imprint on the world, if you want to I mean. You could, not. And that's fine too, if that's how you choose to play the game. You could log out. Not that kind of log out I mean. . . but to belive in nothing, no point, no meaning, nihilism. It could not mean anything to you to advance or adjust to this game. Especially if your life is sped up past what you're used to. My life is. Maybe that's the reason I hesitate, because I know that as soon as I press "Play", I have to leave the slow-paced paradise of my mind. My unhurried haven. And step back into the rushed reality that is my affliction. But, as much as I love it there, it does pain me to stay longer than I know I need to. So, everyday, clear my head, "unpause", and step out to realize my potential.
I think I like living 2Fast.
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