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Table Top Games From Sam’s Adams Childhood for Writer's Cramp
Table Top Games From Sam’s Adams Childhood

When Sam Adams was a kid, back in the distant 60s and ’70s, back In Berkeley, California, Board games were still popular and Sam played a lot of them with his friends, three siblings, and his parents. Sam liked Monopoly the most, often playing all night with his friends and family, and later taught his Korean-born wife how to play it and his Korean niece who was visiting them.

One of his elementary friends, KRW, grew up to be a con artist and a crooked real estate developer who modeled his life after that of Donald Trump, even calling his company, Tribeca properties. KRW's favorite book, besides the Art of the Deal which he had memorized, was the series of books called “Winning through intimidation” KRW was a sort of Gordon Gecko figure by then.

Sam broke off contact with him after college when he had enough of this constantly trying to scam money off him and his friends. Later he heard that he had served time in prison for fraudulent real estate transactions and had lost his real estate license. Sam wished he had known about the trial and would have volunteered as a hostile witness against him, but thankfully that never came up, would have been a difficult conversation on his security clearance updates

The last time they saw each other, they played a game of monopoly l night long. They accused each other of cheating and had heated words, and it was clear that the friendship was over. Besides, KRW was becoming a right-wing nut case and was a real Reaganite, and Sam was still nominally a democrat. But still, Sam recalled their monopoly games.

But Sam had not played it in years, and he missed it. Part of getting old, Sam thought, is nostalgia for things from one’s past life.

Sam played Clue and life as well with his family and friends. His entire dysfunctional family would spend the summers in Yakima, Washington, where his father was from. They stayed in the cabin in the woods and there was not much to do other than reading, and playing games. And take long walks nearby. Sam’s father was always chopping wood or something, so the siblings would play games with his mother and siblings until he was 20 or so. His father was a college professor and had two months off every summer. Sam and his siblings hated the trips and staying together with their parents for two months, But the games were occasionally fun, and they saw a lot of the West Coast in their twice a year trip to the cabin, they also spent Christmas and New Year there...

In high school, college, and overseas he would occasionally play "Charades" and was pretty good at it he thought.

Another game Sam liked playing was Risk. That was a game that it turns out was very popular among military officers and diplomats when they were a child.

Sam also played a lot of cards back in the day. But, the last time he played poker, he lost a lot of money, so he gave it up for good. Just don’t have a poker face, they say. He tried it once at a casino, lost 100 dollars in five minutes, but won 25$ in blackjack. Sam liked to play slots, while his wife liked to play roulette. His secret was to always bet the “cool” numbers or red and black when it had not come up for a long time.

But Sam never got into Dungeons and Dragons, video games, or computer games, Those became popular after he graduated from high school, and college and spent the rest of his career traveling around the world and the country.


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