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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2274195
When someone makes fun of your attire, you send fists flying at the store!
It was June 2, 2022, and you are in a bit of a panic this morning. Yesterday, you had a phone call from your doctor, and he wasn't happy! He has seen all of your Facebook posts talking about the number of times you went to McDonald's and Taco Bell in the past few months! You tell him that the last trip to Taco Bell was to try out a new kind of taco. Your doctor doesn't buy it and tells you that "Unless you want to die by the age of forty, you better start eating right and fast!" This morning, you talk with your girlfriend about what you should do. She tells you that you can start your diet by going to the grocery store and buying some fresh food to eat and cook with. You agree with her and decided to go to the store.

When you go to the store, you and your girlfriend put your masks on, because you are still quite shaken up by the pandemic. You two continue to shop among the isles until you started to get strange looks from people. Sure, masks mandates are no longer in place for now, but you two were still quite scared about the virus. Just then, you walk by some male punk who looked to be in his twenties, who snickered and uttered some insults under his breath as you two walked by. You didn't hear the words, but your girlfriend looks quite shaken up. You ask her what is wrong and she tells you that the punk asshole just insulted them! You get mad and approach the punk, asking what the Hell is his problem. He tells you two that you are the only ones in the entire supermarket that is wearing masks and they shouldn't fear a virus. You tell him that you are wearing masks to prevent getting infected. He then asks if your family has been vaccinated. That was when your blood turned ice cold and your heart sinks deep into your fat laden chest. You then realize just where this conversation is going. You tell him that you heard about all of the bad stuff that was in the vaccines and he laughs it off, telling you that medical professionals all across the country has blown that theory clear out of the water, and that if you get vaccinated, you would just suffer a cold for a day or two. You then demand that he apologize to your family, but he replies by calling you two a bunch of sheep! You then snap and swing a ham fist at him, but he dodges it like a pro boxer and manages to headbutt you into the ground. He then jumps on you and punches your face in a little bit before spitting on your face and walking off like nothing happened. Your girlfriend asks if you are alright. You tell her that you are fine, just shaken up. You two then leave the store.

The brawl has left you a bit peckish and you decided to hit up a Subway, hoping that this wouldn't send your doctor into a tirade. You got yourself a couple of meatball sandwiches and your girlfriend a couple of club sandwiches. As you eat your food, you think back to the punk bully that tried to beat your face in and fume over having your enormous ass kicked again...
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