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Some ramblings about life and other games
Life is just a game. Depending on your outlook, that statement can sound really deep or really stupid. Or somewhere in between, which is a cop-out analysis. But I never claimed to be perfect, which is why I think that life is (dare I say it?) what you make of it. (I might not have a monopoly on trite expressions, but I've been known to sprinkle them quite freely into my casual ramblings.

Look at the comparisons. In the game of life (with or without an uppercase L) you can win or lose. Just like tic-tac-toe, Monopoly, Risk, checkers, tag, baseball, yada, yada, yada. (To be honest, I don't have a clue where I'm going with this, but please bear with me.)

Why do I have the right to opine on anything as complex as life? Because I've had one (more or less) for fifty-two years, seven months, and fourteen days. Okay, maybe I shouldn't count that freshman year in college (my first of two freshman years, to be accurate), but that year is still part of who I was/am/will always be. And I might seem just like that obnoxious guy down the street or next door or behind the counter at the discount store, but I'm unique, damn it. As is each of them. And you. Yeah, that's right. I'm talking to you.

For many of us, life is a rather complex charade. If we're that Adonis or Cleopatra who was the envy of every fellow high school senior, we feel a lifelong pressure to maintain that image. If we felt somewhat lower on the Bo Derek “10” scale, we grovel through the years hoping no one will notice. We just just put on our best poker faces and plod on.

But I digress. Life isn't all fun and games, but part of it must be, for the sake of sanity, relationships, and just basic entertainment. Tiddly Winks, Crazy Eights, marbles, Scrabble – I've been playing games since age five, and they've helped me laugh, learn, think, deal with loss, and maybe even just waste time for the fun of it (hence the two freshman years in college).

If Gammon and Arat were competing, whom would you back? Tough question. Boggles the mind, doesn't it? My friend Simon says that a question like that is an enigma, but I just think it's puzzling.

Numero uno in my list of careers would be a game designer. No video games, though. Good old-fashioned board games. But nobody wants to play those anymore. So I'll just stick with my numero dos choice, which is boring, but it's hard to change careers at my age. So - Game over.

And by the way – You kids get off my lawn.
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