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"Street Party" for Writers Cramp
"Street Party"

Many years ago
In the Berkeley and Oakland
In the East bay, back in the day
In the fabled 60s, early 70s.

There were often legendary pop-up
Flash mob type impromptu street parties
Where everyone gathered around
Digging the scene and each other.

Drinking, smoking weed
Jiving, flirting, dancing
Getting down to the sweet sound
Of Tower of Power and Motown.

Whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics
Men, women, and those in-between
Gays, straight
Young, old, middle age

It did not matter
Everything was everything
Everything was cool.
It was all good.

It was all cool back in the day
An interracial gathering
Of shared humanity,
Just celebrating life.

But this was before
Guns became so common
Before things got so violent
And evil s… became the norm

Back in the day
It was a peaceful happening
A true love fest
Those days are so yesterday.

Nowadays, people are afraid
A street party festival
Will end up guns blazing wild west style
The festival will end up with many people
Going to an early grave.
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