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When a contest asks for a mermaid and a dragon...
The streets of Laredo were never the same–
no townsfolk, no traffic since Basilisk came.
Too many expired, all caught unaware
by the murderous force of the Basilisk’s stare.

The sheriff petitioned to land, air and sea,
imploring a savior to help set them free.
“No notion’s too foolish, no bounty’s too great –
just someone, please step up and alter our fate.”

And then from the waters a mermaid arose.
She shifted her shape as her scales turned to clothes.
The townspeople peeked through their blinds as she strolled,
all anxious to witness this drama unfold.

Undaunted, she looked in the Basilisk’s eyes, but used her hypnosis to daze,
then brandished a mirror in front of his face, directly unlocking his gaze.
This flash of reflection, this sight of himself, thus ended the Basilisk's days.

Note: This is an entry for a contest, https://www.writing.com/main/forums/item_id/1768488-DreamTime-Dragons-Poem-Conte... whose rules limited the length of the poem to fifteen lines. We were asked to create a story involving a dragon and a mermaid. I used the resources provided by the host (at the bottom of the contest page) to learn more about both. Due to the length of the poem and the direction in which I took it, I must leave it up to the reader to imagine what happened after the Basilisk died.
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