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Its all about perspective
What might seem crazy to one could be seen as perfectly normal to another.
What might be beautiful to one, could be an absolute abomination to another.
What might seem daring for one could be a walk be in the park;
What might seem scary to one could be a laugh to his counterpart. . .

Perspective. Your hopeful situation could be my demise. What makes you cringe could make me burst with joy. There is no such thing as good v. evil. Or the "greater good" or the greatest good even. Just your "good" v. my "good". Your most ideal situation v. mine. If I lend a helping hand to your good, will you do the same? And if I help a man be his best, what will my reward in turn be?

Only God knows.

Keep living, striving for your best. And on the way, be sure to help somebody get to their best as well.
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