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The Writer's Cramp - 6-7-22 - W/C 309

Chocolate Cone Intro

What do you get when you mix heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla and the best possible dark chocolate you can find? A wonderful base that you freeze and make into chocolate ice cream.

Now you need to make a cookie to hold the ice cream. When that cookie first comes out of the oven, you bend it so it makes a cone. Now take a scoop of my wonderful chocolate ice cream and put it into that cone you just made. Or, if you’re baking challenged, you could just run out and buy one.

Voila! You’ve created me! I’m the chocolate ice cream cone. I’ve been around for as long as there has been ice cream. I think I’m the most loved flavor. Heck with those new-fangled green-tea matcha hibiscus whatchamacallit flavors. People want chocolate. Deep, dark, sexy chocolate.

Now let’s do it up a different way. Take some deep, dark chocolate ice cream. Put it into a cone. Take that cone and dip it into some melted chocolate coating. Now isn’t that just wonderful! Another way to enjoy my chocolatey goodness!

I think every child should enjoy me, the pure wonderful pleasure of having my chocolate ice cream dripping down their fingers on a hot summer’s day. Biting off the end of that cone and sucking out the last of my chocolate ice cream inside. Fun!

So get yourself to the store and get some chocolate ice cream. Don’t forget those cones. Or if you don’t want me in the freezer tempting you for days, go to the nearest ice cream parlor and get the biggest ice cream cone they sell. A triple scoop of me in a waffle cone or a sugar cone. Skip the cup. Because you know you really want to lick the sides of the cone and bite off the end.

W/C 309

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